Monday, September 19, 2011

Grilled Chicken Tenders

A while back we had Jalapeno Pesto Chicken using the recipe from Robyn at Grill Grrrl followed a couple of days later with beef fajita’s using a marinade from Chris at Nibble Me This and we still had some of both marinades remaining.  We also had a package of chicken tenders open and decided to use them to finish off the marinades.

I put the tenders in for a two hour soak (had more of the fajita marinade) and before grilling added some additional salt and pepper to the meat – both needed it the first time.  I grilled them over medium heat so the chicken would have time to cook before the crust got too dark.

I pulled them at 160* and let them rest about 10 minutes.

We sided them with an Italian salad that included some anchovies (on mine only) I’d discovered in the fridge.

The chicken and the salad were both delicious and Chris’ marinade for beef worked very well on the chicken.  Thanks Robyn and Chris for two very enjoyable meals.

I normally keep all things political off here but I had to post these two.  While watching CBS Sunday Morning they conducted an interview with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels regarding his decision not to run for president.  I didn't get the exact quote but during the discussion, he
said something like - it can't be about doing things to get re-elected, it must be about doing the things necessary to save the Republic while there's still time - I have to wonder how many of our 535 Senators and Congressmen are operating with Daniel's philosophy.

This was sent to be me by a new BBQ customer.

Two Story Outhouse
Can't even think of anything to add to this...
Yep!!! This pretty much says it all.
Needs no additional comments!!!

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  1. I am intrigued by the jalapeno pesto. I think I would like that one.
    And, I love the outhouse picture! Too funny.

  2. This weekend was perfect grilling weather! Wasn't it gorgeous!

  3. Jalapeno pesto and grilled chicken taht must have been one hotmeal:))
    Hahah i won;t write what crossed my mind on two stories outhouse:)

  4. Love the picture of your family in the header. Great shot. I agree with Pam. It's been a lovely weekend.

  5. Can't wait to try both of these grilled chicken tenders! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. The chicken looks good, but you left me scratching my head at the 2 story outhouse. Thanks for the laugh.

  7. We've been hiking/driving Rocky Mountain Natl Park all day and I feel like I could eat two of those plates. Looks and sounds so delicious Larry. Tonight for us is Pork Posole at the cabin. ohmygosh I'm so hungry .. but first a couple (or three) glasses of wine :)

  8. Larry, So you can even make chicken tenders look and taste good! That's an accomplishment.

    FYI, the problem with most politicians, (other than being power hungry), is that the majority of them has never managed a business or a significatly sizeable organization. They just don't know how to lead or manage and they've never had to make a profit much less meet a budget. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. I need to try that on chicken, I'm not sure I have ever done that. I had a different recipe for chicken but I'm not as sold on it.


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