Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let’s Eat Some Chile Peppers

We had several ripe Poblano and Anaheim Chile’s which pretty well dictated that Mexican be on the menu.  One option is to make chile rellenos with them, but we don’t need the calories and didn’t want the frying mess – sometimes we’re just lazy.  We had enough to eat them two nights in a row, but the first order of business was to char them and remove the skin which I did on the grill over high heat for the Poblanos and Anaheims – I left the Sante Fe’s raw – a new pepper for me this year.

While visiting our kids in White Sands, NM, several years ago, we made a day trip to the Chile Festival in Hatch, NM, which was quite an experience.  While there, we sampled several dishes, one of which was a burrito, which was unique since the stuffing was first stuffed in a roasted green chile pepper prior to being wrapped in a tortilla.  Bev decided to make them this way for our first meal, using red Anaheim Chiles for the pepper and stuffing them with a mix of pulled pork, cream and cheddar cheeses, chopped jalapenos, diced onion, and pinto beans she’d cooked earlier.

It was just another in a long line of outstanding burritos made by Bev and whole pepper was a delicious addition, except my peppers are unusually hot this year and it was more like eating a jalapeno.  Of course the one we had in Hatch was a regular hold-it-your-hand-to-eat version.

We canned another 21 qts of maters/juice yesterday putting us at 65 for the year.  Since my plan is to have my RV parked in some cool climate (Montana, Nova Scotia, both, somewhere else - cool) during next years canning season, we want to do about 100 qts this year.

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  1. That's smart of you to plan ahead with the tomato juice. Sounds like you've got big plans for next year.

    I'd say Bev did a great job of whipping up some nice and spicy burritos with the peppers from your garden. I've always been curious what makes a pepper hotter one year than the next. Seems to be like the jalapenos I buy in the store now aren't as hot as they used to be.

  2. You've been to the Hatch Chili Festival???? Isn't that about reason number 75 to be jealous of Bev and Larry? Before we're done we'll be in the hundreds. :) Love this burrito idea! Love it. Did the original have pulled pork? ....you know me and my Mexican food. Can't get enough.

  3. Nicely done, Bev!! This sounds so good.. can't wait to try it!

  4. Stuffing burrito filling into a roasted pepper then wrapping it in a tortilla is a stroke of genius!! I can not wait to make this. And now I really want to go to the Hatch festival. Its not that far from me, either. Hmmm...sounds like a road trip is in order!

  5. That sounds like a great trip for next year! This reminds me of all the tomato juice Mom used to make. Yum and good for you. It looks and sounds like Bev did an outstanding job with the peppers. There's nothing like a little heat!

  6. I really need to start canning & gardening - you have inspired me.

    I really, REALLY want that burrito - it looks and sounds PERFECT!

  7. I am so jealous of all your peppers and your canned tomatoes!

  8. I don't know the difference in all of those peppers... I just know that I don't like the really spicy ones. SO---I stay away from most all of them. I do love banana peppers and green pepper....

  9. I love the idea of stuffing the pepper then wrapping it in a tortilla. Wow, the variety of peppers too from your garden.

    I hope that you get out on the open road next year. Bring your great food, your camera and your blog with you.


  10. I love the concept of that burrito. It's kind of like a relleno burrito!

    Maybe one of your gardening posts can be about factors that control heat of chiles. I've noticed ours varied this year from last. heck, even this year I had ONE cayenne plant and some of its fruit are normal and some are extra hot.

  11. I'm loving the idea of rellano burritos . . . I have a large crop of Anahiem and poblano peppers coming in. I plan to blog about the rellanos if they'd just hurry up! :)

  12. p.s. bring some of your canned tomatoes with you next year . . . I'm just saying.


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