Sunday, August 28, 2011

Open Faced BLT & Egg For An Old Dog

Trust me when I say that during my lifetime I’ve eaten lots of egg sandwiches, either on bread or biscuit, and with toppings ranging from just mayo to a souped-up BLT.  And for all of those years, the egg was either beaten and fried or the yolk was merely broken and fried hard.

We used to eat breakfast regularly with friends Kathy and Ashley and Ashley would usually order a bacon and egg biscuit with the egg cooked over easy, then she would eat it with a fork rather than in her hand like a sandwich.  This went against 50+ years of how an egg sandwich was “supposed to be cooked and eaten” so I never tried it.

Then a few days ago Big Daddy Dave posted a BLT with an egg and the egg yolk was still runny and he’d previously posted about an Irish Breakfast Sandwich, again with a runny yolk.

So I says to myself, you may be an old dog, but you may be missing out on something here, especially as the lover of runny yolked eggs and maybe it’s time to learn a new trick.

It was BBQ day, I was up at 4:30am, and hungry by 6:30 so I decided to give it a try, but I went open faced.  I laid down half a hamburger bun (because I had an extra), spread on some mayo and added Benton’s fried bacon and Cabot sharp cheddar and nuked to melt the cheese.

I fried a sunny side up egg, in a ring and got the lettuce and tomato (Red Brandywine) ready.  When the egg was done I built the final sandwich.

It was delicious, but I had to hold it with one hand while I cut out a bite to keep it from going everywhere and I’ll cook them this way from now on.  This would have been perfect had I added a little diced onion atop the cheese prior to nuking.

Two years ago today I made my first blog posts - I did several as I was practicing.  I can't believe I'm still at it but I'm sure the new blogger buddies I've met and the great things I learn from you has a lot to do with it.  Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Happy blog anniversary Larry. I look forward to next year with more of your good eats, great BBQ, mighty fine breakfasts, and great gardening. That's a fine breakfast sandwich. It's never too late to discover new ways.

  2. I've always been told not to trust a man who starts a sentence with "trust me". :) But with you and breakfast food, you are the trustable expert. That sandwich looks great Larry.

    Congrats on the two years. I'm glad you're still blogging. I look forward to your posts.

  3. Heck, Larry, we're never too old to learn new things. I love that runny yolk on a sandwich. Congratulations on reaching the 2 year mark. Some days I think there isn't a single thing left for me to blog about but I always manage to come up with something. I've learned a lot from your posts and look forward to reading many more.

  4. Larry, Great Looking Sandwich!! You've taken a tasty concoction to a new level... I'll have to copy this construction for sure... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. If Benton's went out of business I think you'd be heartbroken. Granted, is the best bacon in existence.

  6. Larry, happy blog anniversary; time flies doesn't it! I'm glad that I found your most interesting blog!

    And runny yolks for breakfast is the only way to go for me!

    Can't wait to read what you do with all your next round of red peppers! I know that I'm planting more next year!

  7. Awesome! I always have runny yolk with my breakfast makes me feel like there is gravy. It looks fantastic Larry.


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