Monday, August 22, 2011

Salmon Leftovers

If you’re going to have leftovers to have to deal with, grilled, wild caught, sockeye salmon is a pretty good one.  When we grilled salmon for supper the other night, I intentionally cooked extra with the intent of making some salmon spread – I was ready for a fix, but Bev has become a big fan of salmon cakes.  Like me she grew up on them but they were made with canned salmon, some type of filler, beaten egg and not much else, so when we first tried Mary’s recipe over at one perfect bite we knew it was a keeper and this is our 4th time to have them.  If you use this recipe be careful not to add any salt until you’re sure you need it, especially if you use salted butter and Zatarain’s Pro Boil.

We also had some fresh corn and okra in the fridge that needed to be used.  We knew what to do with the okra (I really only like it one way), but hadn’t decided on the corn, then along came Mary’s recipe for Corn Fritters over at Deep South Dish – check her site for the recipe and pictures.

Bev followed the recipe but added some onion and green pepper and rather than clean up after deep frying, we just fried them in a skillet like pan cakes.

Here’s my plate.

The salmon cakes and okra were delicious as always and we all agreed the corn fritters were a definite keeper and will be deep fried the next time - Bev was still talking about how much she liked them two days later.  Nothing like a fried everything meal to help the ole waistline - at least we didn't use bacon fat.

And the previous day, you know I had to try some of the salmon for breakfast.

Ann Burrell may have become my new favorite on the Food network when I heard her say the other day - plunk an egg on just about anything and I'm a happy girl.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. Salmon is our favorite to have as a left-over. I always try to save a piece, but it's sometimes hard to do. We enjoy Ann Burrell's show too. And she's right about the egg.

  2. grilled wild sockeye salmon are my favorite kind of leftovers! And that cheesy eggy open-faced sandwich looks super delicious.

  3. A little bacon fat never hurt anyone! :) I'm going to have to pay more attention to Ann Burrell, sounds like my kind of chef.

  4. I will agree with you 100%.. if you are gonna have leftovers of something, might as well be something as delicious as wild sockeye salmon! YUM!! It all looks fantastic!

  5. Thank you so much for the mention. It really is appreciated.I'm heading over to take a peek at those corn fritters. It sounds like you and Bev fashioned a perfect meal. Have a great day, Larry. Blessings...Mary

  6. I completely agree - leftover salmon is one of my favorites! I'll eat it cold with a little caper mayo spread on a cracker, fried into salmon patties or chopped on salad. Yum!

  7. There's so many great ways to fix salmon... Your dinner and breakfast look delicious.

  8. You know I love Anne too - don't know why I just connected with her right away. Maybe because she's a curvy gal! ;) Hey thanks for the shout out too. Glad y'all enjoyed those fritters. They are very good flat and pan fried, but they rock as a dropped deep fried fritter too.

  9. Gotta try that in our deep fryer. I like that she added the peppers and will make these while the veggies are fresh.


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