Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some Things I’ve Given-Up On

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve either posted or commented on a couple of things I’ve given up on and it got me to thinking while I was mowing the lawn the other day.  I’ve always been a pretty positive person and don’t yet consider myself a cynic, but there are a few things I’ve just given up on and I’m sure there are more than these.

One I’ve already mentioned is the ability to make dill pickles that are better than the Clausen ones I can buy in the store, but please let me know if you have THE recipe.

I’ve given up on ever having a great 30 year old body, but am hopeful I can someday soon, get to a decent 65 year old one.

I’ve given up on all professional sports as it’s all about the money and they’ve forgotten it’s just a game, as have the fans.

I’d mentioned previously that I’d given up on a Southern Living Magazine quality lawn – it’s just not important in the grand scheme of things and I have better things to do with my time and money.

I’ve given up on the Federal Government and have gone from hoping they can help solve our problems to just hoping they don’t lead us to destruction.
I’ve long sense given up on trying to change others and realize I need to just work on being the best I can be.
I’ve given up on the news as a place I can go to just get the unbiased facts so I can draw my own conclusions.
I’ve given up on keeping up with technology and wish the manufacturers would make an old farts model of everything that simply does the little things I need – I’m pretty sure my cell phone is a camera, video recorder, text messenger, and maybe can solve world hunger, but it just makes it more complicated for me to just send and receive calls.
I’ve given up on making a fortune in the stock market and now just try to make sure I don’t lose any more of what I have.
I’ve given up on owing my own restaurant and just enjoy my little BBQ business as a maybe break-even substitute – Bev’s sure I lose money.
I’ve giving up on the Olympic Games as being anything more than a financial and political event.
I’ve given up on the idea of everyday sex but am totally committed to improving beyond on our current annual event J.
And worst of all, I’ve given up on the fundamental goodness of Americans and believe my parents were indeed part of the greatest generation, that we baby boomers are a pretty decent bunch, and for those following, the ends do seem to justify the means and it’s all about me and I think that this now influences all of the above except the personal ones.
I worry about the society I’ll be leaving in a few years but realize there’s not much I can do about it at this point, so I think I’ll just enjoy my golden years and make as many memories as I can with my honey, as I finally know that’s what I’ll be thinking about in the last hours of my life and not all of that other stuff.
Sometimes I just have to get philosophical.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


  1. We must be the same age..........good post.

  2. Well said Larry. I find the world today very frustrating. It's so sad that compromise has become a dirty word. Think how far you would get in a marriage if you never compromised.

  3. Wow... great post Larry.. but I'm sorry you have given up on so much. Honestly, though, I can say I'm with you on so many of those things..specifically the state of our world. I work with some of the "younger" generation and their work ethic sucks...they feel this sense of entitlement .. it's pretty sad!
    Hang in there Larry...give up on all those bad things, but still have hope for the good things.. like a garden producing such wonderful bounties of veggies :)

  4. What a great post. I guess I like it because my list would be very similar. Only thing I'd add is that I've given up on making my own pizza dough. ;-P

  5. Great thoughts Larry. As you know I don't read many posts but the thoughts here are winners. Autumn is just 'round the corner and I'll bet the lake reflections will be stunning. Best to you both, Meakin

  6. I bet many of us feel the same way as you do about the many things you listed that us regular folks don't have any control over (except for the sex part - lol), but I won't give up on visiting your blog because I can always count on you to have some kind of breakfast, lunch or dinner that knocks my socks off!

  7. Great post Larry. Definitely makes a person think about things. I have to agree with several of your points. I think everyone should get philosophical sometimes.

  8. Larry, Geeeezzz! I accept certain facts...and I agree with some of your 'mental adjustments, but I'm not giving up on most things yet. I do accept that much of the world is totally screwed up but a good part of it is OK. I still like a good baseball or football game on TV. My lawn has always been a low priority. I can't change others but sometimes one can guide them in the right direction. As for the 'me' generation...we'll find out what they're made out of as the economy staggers on and reality bites them in the buttocks! I think that a good number of them will rise to the ocassion and save the USA from total disaster. Just my opinion... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. We made homemade pickles and fried them at cooking school last week. We actually pickled zucchini instead of cucumbers - it was good. Who knew the Ritz fried pickles?!

  10. I think I can also relate to a few of those Larry but I was LMAO at the one on technology. I was babysitting at my son's house & came to the conclusion that their house which is MUCH newer than my house is far more technologically advanced than I am. I can't operate their refrigerator, stove, microwave or central A/C unit & I thought I was fairly tech savvy!!

    As far as that "goodness" thing, sure wish I could offer some encouragement there. I used to think that most people were good & caring, compassionate & empathetic, but you're right, things have sure changed a lot over the past few years. I grew up where neighbors genuinely cared about one another, could rely on one another & trust each other and trust me, you're lucky you have some land around you. I'm in a typical subdivision lot with people all around me & most of my neighbors are selfish, self-centered folks who care nothing about anybody except themselves, and that's a sad state of what I think is becoming of much of our society.

  11. Hi Larry,

    I stopped over to let you know that I gave you a shout out on my blog post today and hope you approve.

    But wow, when I read your post I just couldn't stop reading.
    I'm a super sensitive person and I know this sounds really weird, but I can easily pick up on the evil, the sadness, the selfishness of most people today. However, that said, in order to get by, I have to set up strong, sound boundaries and like you just give up caring about certain things out of my control.

    We gave up on a perfect yard years ago and now are quite content to grow lovely, lush green weeds. I have come from a perfectionist, anal-retentive set of parents and I've finally gotten to a point that I don't give a damn if I can't meet their expectations at 56 years old. I told my father if he ever mentioned my weight again, he couldn't visit me and I wouldn't visit him anymore. I'm not worried that i don't make a million dollars as most of my family members do. I'm in education and trying to make the world a better place and nobody's making millions doing that!

    I have given up on caring too much for my students' outcome of learning . . . if they don't give a damn, then that's their problem and they can enjoy cheating and someday getting caught, or flunking out. Either way the ball is in their court now and I told them so. I will deliver information to the best of my ability, but it is up to them to learn it and transform it into knowledge. No more dishing out, helping them memorize, enabling, and babying them. Their adults and can make their own decisions. Drop my classes if you don't like it, is what I say on the first day of class (last week). I also told them that they are not worth my blood pressure increasing and that I won't return emails from Friday through Monday . . . to try and live without me!

    As someone said, it is the age of entitlement, and I'm not letting those who have this sense use it on me. They've met their match and i don't give anything to anyone that hasn't worked for it.

    The government and the world are going to hell in a handbag and all I cling to is the last chapter of the Bible -- Revelations. If it's not going to happen in my lifetime, it will sometime later. So for now, I have stopped worrying about it and let what will be . . . just be. God knows better than all of us and I know that love and peace will conquer in the end whenever that is.

    In the meantime like you, Bill and I live our peaceful lives on our acreage, enjoy our gardens, the animals, an occasional trip or two, and mind our own business. This seems to keep life more serene for us, cuz as you said, most of 'what's out there' makes one crazy!

    I hope you keep blogging though!


  12. Wow Larry---you got some great comments on today's post... Most of us LOVE posts like this.. It makes way for lively discussion...

    I am older than you --and agree with you on so many things. I am very concerned about the selfish,greedy, entitled (they think), not willing to work younger generation.. What has happened to our country?

    I am concerned about our Govt. (starting with our so-called leader) --and our country's future. Our forefathers would be turning over in their grave if they knew what was going on here.

    I am extremely patriotic --and love our country (the way it should be and the way the constitution provided for us)...

    I could go on and on--but had better stop for now... The one thing I will say is that we CANNOT give up the fight. Our country is just too important and too special. Let's not ever give up that fight.

  13. There's a lot of wisdom in this post, Larry. I printed it out so I can read it when things get a bit out of the proper perspective. In the end its all about being the best we can be each day and spending time with the people we love. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  14. Amen, brother! You pretty well said it all, other than taxes. I truly believe that if the tax code were flatter, and more people at the bottom had to pay taxes instead of just getting a free lunch, they would soon demand that the government get the #@$!! out of most of the things they do, and let us be free to prosper.

    And if people would just quit thinking everyone's entitled to the same kind of stuff the super-rich get, like cruises and a TV for every room, and spend a little less, they'd all be less in debt and a lot happier. That's an extension of the me-me-me philosophy the younger folks have.

    As for the cell phones, well, I just keep buying refurbished razrs from ebay so I don't have to pay for a fancier service and a phone that does stuff I don't want!

  15. Got a big kick out of your list, love your blog, the meats you barbque, sides your lovely wife makes, your kindness to others, well enuf said..I think people basically good, just a few greedy spoil it for most working people, keep cheerful and your blog, it makes me smile when i read it daily before I go to work.

  16. Ok, so you've been talking with Pete. ;)

    MSM is nothing more than a conglomerate of people repeating exactly what they are being told to report...they mainly speak with one voice... There no longer is much journalism.

    Our parents, our grandparents taught through example: hard work, your word, honesty, integrity, morality...

    Government, well, Washington is nothing more than the wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street, so who is going to change that? There is a reason they all come out multi-millionaires. We used to get so involved in what was going on and years ago I even had a blog in an attempt to put a voice out there of what was going on... until finally I wore myself out.

    Pete often says, "you can't stop them, only try to slow them down". And we are about where you and Bev are... we are attempting to enjoy what years we have left, and who know how many there will be. Live each day, love each other and try not to let the ba$turds get us down.

    Great post, Larry.

  17. You brought out many salient points. But the saddest one is about the fundamental goodness of Americans.

    I'd love to argue with you. I wish I could.

  18. I came to read this post via Cathy at Wives with Knives. Being just barely younger than you, I can identify with some of these issues. We get to a point in our lives when perfection becomes less important and comfort takes center stage. I appreciated the soap box you were standing on. As a side note, I read the post about the stuffed pork and will be handing the recipe over to our resident grill-master my husband. I will be back to read more.


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