Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cuban Stuffed Pork tenderloin Ala Pam

A couple of weeks ago, Pam over at Pam’s Midwest Kitchen Korner posted a recipe for StuffedCuban Pork Tenderloin and I immediately wanted to make it in the smoker.  So the last BBQ day, I made several for customers and us.

I started by trimming it up, splitting it lengthwise and pounding it to flatten a little.

Then I spread on some Dijon mustard, dried oregano, and S&P.

Then I added some good baked ham, Guggisberg Swiss cheese, and Clausen dill pickle slices.

Lastly, I rolled it up and tied with butcher twine.

After two like this I decided to pound the ends a little flatter and fold them in to square it up some, then repeated the assembly process.

Since they were flatter, I used my rib rack to help them stand up and retain the cheese – I lost just a little.

The only one I got a finished shot of was a round one.

I really liked the flavor and will make them again but will do a couple of things differently.  First, I’ll square them up again but pound them even flatter, then I’ll use shredded cheese and diced pickles which will allow me to roll them into more of a pinwheel.  I will also add more mustard and more oregano to the inside and also to the outside to give the pork more flavor and I’ll sprinkle on some paprika to give the outside more color.  Finally, since mustard usually loses most of its flavor in the smoker, I’ll serve it with a mustard sauce.

Thanks Pam for the great idea and I look forward to the next time I make it.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. This sounds like seriously exciting flavor combos. I'm really liking what your suggestions are for changes. Those big ol pickles did look a little of a nuisance to roll.

  2. I saw this on Pam's site too and was thinking of try it... thanks for giving me some ideas on how to make it even better!!

  3. "Butterflying' a cut of meat is a wonderful way to get the flesh to an all-over even thickness and to include a "stuffing". Your recipe looks amazing.

    My favourite lamb recipe uses a boned and butterflied leg of lamb. Chef Ray McVinnie then advises:

    "Put the lamb on to a sturdy wooden board, cover it with a large piece of plastic wrap and whack it all over with a rolling pin"

    I guess pounding is a way more polite term for what we really do - whack and whallop it (great stress relief!!!).

    Sending care and huggles to you and your lovely Bev,

    Michelle down there in New Zealand xxxx

  4. Larry, it looks great! The next time I will be adding ham and dill pickle chips instead of the bread and butter pickles in the recipe. I'm glad you tried this and enjoyed it. Looks like you've had a lot more experience with the butcher twine than I've had! Way to go and thanks for the nod!

  5. Yes gherkins and mustar go fantastic with pork.Have seen this recepie at Pams before.Greta that you have chosen this one to make;))

  6. I also saw this one when Pam posted it. I was wondering how all those flavors would come together and I think the smoker was a great idea. Thanks for the tips!

  7. I have that one on my "to try" list from when I saw it at Pam's too. I'm glad you made yours first. That way I can benefit from the tips your experience provided. I really like the idea of using a mustard sauce.


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