Friday, August 26, 2011

Bacon Cheese Wiener Burger

So the kids could play in the lake, we invited Dave and Laurie and their son and family over to the dock for a cookout of burgers and dogs and I ate a hamburger but topped it with chili, mustard, and onion rather than the usual condiments - check out Big Daddy Dave's blog after 8am for the details. The next night we decided on a rerun except this time I substituted two wieners for the burger.  I first split the wieners lengthwise to get more grill area and after flipping, topped them with smoked gouda cheese and a couple of bacon strips.

Then I added spicy mustard, homemade hotdog sauce (chili), and onions.
I sided it with our, hard as it was to believe, first potato salad of the year – what were we thinking.
It was very good, but I couldn’t tell that it was any better than a normal dog with the same toppings and it was definitely so big the dogs got about a fourth of it.  However, it was a good way to use a leftover burger bun.

As you might guess, I had to give the leftovers a try for breakfast, so I nuked a cheeseburger topped with an onion slice for 1 ½ minutes.  Then I topped it with a sunny side-up egg cooked in a ring to make it pretty.
This combo did not work well and I would not recommend an egg topped burger.

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  1. Nice egg action shot. Interesting to hear that you didn't like the egg/burger combo. I have a similar recipe bookmarked. I'll have to find it and send it over to you. I was thinking about potato salad the other day. If we've had it at all this Summer it had to be very early on. What are we thinking??? :)

  2. Chris laughed at me when we first started dating when I told him that every now and then I like a fried egg on my hamburger... let him laugh, I say, it just means more for me!
    And the bacon burger dog... wow!! I want one!!

  3. Hi Larry, I'll take the bacon, cheese, wiener burger --and leave the egg for you!!!! ha

  4. A fancy burger place near us, does an egg topped turkey burger, with some avocado slices, and it's wonderful.

  5. Your negative recommendation made me giggle.

  6. Larry, Loved the sandwich with the grilled hot dogs, gouda cheese, bacon strips and hotdog sauce! As for an egg with a burger, I would add a slice of toast under the burger, a slice of cheese on the burger, hotdog sauce (chili), on top of the creation...and then top it with the fried egg and some Tabasco... Yum! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. I was so excited by the egg topped burger (because I love eggs). It's too bad it wasn't a good combination.

  8. Just as well it wasn't a good combo Larry. You and David love to overdose on the cholesterol breakfasts. His favorite is biscuits with sausage gravy. Really good, but oh my! What works for both of you is all of the fresh garden vegies that you consume. So hey, an occasional oh so good breakfast is OK with me.

  9. I'm sorry, but that comment about eggs on burgers was funny! You had to try it, right? ;)

  10. Too funny about the Egg burger. Fortunately an egg on pulled pork rocks.


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