Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let’s Eat Some Chile Peppers Again And Then Again

Tune in to August 9 if you missed the post for our first chile pepper meal.  Jeanie at Cowgirl’s Country Life has often stuffed and roasted or smoked peppers and we decided to go that way for dinner this day, still avoiding Chille Rellanos.

We decided this presented a taste test opportunity between three types of peppers, both green and ripe, and with or without a wrapping of bacon.  I used the same stuffing Bev had made for the previous meal but added about 50% more meat – my pulled pork BBQ.  The stuffing also included cream & cheddar cheese, whole cooked pinto beans, chopped jalapenos, and diced onions.

We sided it with some leftover Mexican rice (to which she added some chopped jalapenos, Southernwestern Style Chipotle Cheddar Dip, and Café Noche Chipotle Hot Sauce) and Bobby Flay Santa Maria Pinquito Bean Relish:

8 ounces slab bacon, cut into 1/4-inch cubes
1 poblano chile, finely diced
1 medium Spanish onion, finely diced
2 cans pinquito or pinto beans, drained, rinsed and drained again
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro or flat-leaf parsley, for garnishing

Heat a large saute pan over medium heat. Add the bacon and cook until golden brown and the fat has rendered. Remove the bacon with a slotted spoon to a plate lined with paper towels.

Add the poblano and onions to the bacon fat in the pan and cook until soft, 3 to 4 minutes. Add the beans and bacon and cook until warmed through. Season with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. Put into a serving bowl and top with cilantro or parsley leaves.

Here’s my plate.

The peppers were all good, and I liked both the green and the red, however since I didn’t secure the bacon, it didn’t stay in place.  The additions to the rice kicked it up several notches to closer match our tastes.  I didn’t really care for the beans, which was unusual for a Flay recipe.

The next day, we had several left over stuffed chile peppers and some Santa Maria Pinquito Bean Relish and Bev decided to turn everything into a casserole, so she chopped the stuffed peppers, added some more meat, and beans, stirred it all together and added to a greased casserole dish. Then she poured beaten eggs over it and baked until done – adding some cheese and black olives toward the end - I just love her creativity.

Here’s my plate garnished with some onion, tomatoes, and cilantro.
It was delicious and we had it for both breakfast and supper, but I’m not so sure we can turn it into another dish so we’ll have to just finish it up as is.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. You guys sure know how to eat and cook good food! I wish I had some of those fresh peppers. I love stuffed peppers stuffed with just about anything!

  2. Those beans are bookmarked - and Bev's casserole looks delicious! I agree that she is creative.

  3. Peppers.....Amazing! I like the idea of grillin' them up! The beans sound delicious, too.

  4. Sounds like that ended up as a great spicy casserole! Even if you didn't like the beans by themselves on the first run, I bet they were great in this dish. Nice one, you two!

  5. Larry, I must admit that I am pleased we don't live near you! or would have to be you very best 'clostest' friends. ;) I can taste it! Sure hope you're not disappointed when you come out west. You and Bev have a great week.

  6. Gorgeous use of those peppers! I love the sound of that filling.

  7. When I looked at this post I couldn't comment right away - I had to go make lunch! LOL!!! It just looks delicious!

    Since I know you like peppers you should check out my most recent post! I made balsamic red pepper jelly, and it's got a kick!

    Have a wonderful day!


  8. Sigh. I so wish I was your neighbor!

  9. Dear Larry and Bev, your peppers look especially good today because it has been snowing.

    Wellington, NZ, - that just doesn't get snow - has had it falling all day. A huge novelty and exciting for us ..... but it makes your peppers look super-amazingly good to me tonight!!!

    Keep cool up there, I'm keeping cosy,



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