Friday, July 2, 2010

Independence Day

Just think how important it is for us that 234 years ago, a group of very brave people said we’re not willing to put up with this anymore and we are declaring our independence from Great Britain. They were willing to fight and die for their beliefs and their freedom. I think too many people view this merely as another holiday called the 4th – let’s have a cook out for the 4th or what are you doing on the 4th are frequently heard. I’ve recently quit calling it the 4th and using Independence Day to make sure I remember the significance of the day – even though I recently read that’s it may not be the right day - link (who cares). While I often get frustrated with our government and our politics, I merely have to look around Almost Heaven South or reflect a few minutes about the Middle East, Somalia, Myanmar, North Korea and many other places where people suffer under dictatorships or anacrhy, or live in abject poverty, to make me very thankful to those brave souls of 1776.

So enjoy your Independence Day weekend and thanks for stopping by.



  1. I am very grateful of their bravery too Larry. I hope you and Bev enjoy your holiday up their at almost heaven south.

  2. My daughter is currently in Mongolia. She is constantly reminding me what a great country we live in!

  3. Larry, Happy Independence Day to you too. We are blessed to live in such a great country.

  4. Have a great holiday weekend, Larry. Yes, we are so fortunate to live in this wonderful country.

  5. We are a very blessed people Larry.
    Have a wonderful Independance Day!

  6. Thank you, Larry! I wholeheartedly agree. I used to feel let down if I didn't hear the Star Spangled Banner on Independence Day and get to salute our flag. (always gives me a lump in my throat) We do owe a lot to the group that made it possible and to the people today who fight to keep those freedoms. This morning NPR read the Declaration of Independence and it was a great way to start the holiday weekend.

    Happy Independence Day!

  7. Thanks Larry, couldn't agree more. I hope at least every American citizen stops to think about the meaning of this Holiday. I'm so doggone patriotic that I get a lump in my throat when I hear our National Anthem and see the huge public fireworks displays. It's almost reverent...the crowd so quiet watching the celebration. Happy Independence Day to you and Bev.


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