Friday, September 9, 2022

Six Weeks Visit To The Foot Doctor & Summer Meal

It has been six weeks since the surgery to straighten my toes and it was time for a visit to the doctor.  You may recall I spent the first two weeks with a splint and the past four weeks with my “Go Big Orange” cast.

This time, they removed the cast with a vibrating saw and took x-rays to learn that all is okay even though it still looks pretty rough.

Then they pulled out the 4” long pins which I thought were only a couple of inches long then fitted me with a removable boot.

Finally, they gave me instructions on gradually adding weight to the booted foot over the next 10 days as I walk, gave me a prescription for therapy, and scheduled a follow-up appointment for 5 weeks.

I believe one could just about snow ski in this rugged boot.

I’m happy to be able to walk and take off the boot for sleeping and showering but disappointed I still need the boot for 3-4 more weeks, but it will be worth it if this foot is problem free from now on. 

I had mentioned in my last post that the summer veggies are rapidly going away as evidenced by the Mennonite market having only one variety of small green beans to sell.  With the same happening for corn and okra, Bev thought we should make one more meal for fried okra lovers Kathy (friend) and Pat (SIL) along with boiled corn, sliced tomatoes, and cucumber salad.

Everything was delicious and Bev is an okra frying queen - we like ours pretty crispy.

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09/6/22 meal date


  1. OUCH! I hope you will be walking pain free soon. The fried okra looks so tasty.

  2. Mercy, that looks painful! Good luck with all! Love your plate full of summer goodness, this is the only time of year that I can forego meat on a dinner plate!

  3. I really hope this is a thing I do not inherit from you.

  4. Is that okra battered? Or just dusted in corn meal?


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