Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Finally, An RV Trip and Rally, Day One

Our last RV trip was in May to Pineola, North Carolina for a club rally then we cancelled our western trip for the third year in a row and this time due to the extremely high cost of diesel – this actually was good as it allowed me to have my toe surgery.  So, the poor, lonely coach has just been sitting out in the driveway all summer wishing we would take it somewhere.

Our RV club (Tennessee Travelers) has held rallies as close to us as Vonore, TN and as far away as Pensacola, FL and as the host for our Sep. event I decided to stay close again and go to the KOA in Sweetwater, TN as the area actually has several things to do and almost none of which I had done.

As the rally hosts, we went to the campground a day early to be sure all was in order with the facilities and they were but the same could not be said for our coach.  Since I was immobile until the day before we left, all that was done was make a check of the tire pressures before we drove off – big mistake.  When setting up at the campground, I had difficulty with the coach leveling system but could live with it, then we discovered the front A/C unit would not work, and finally the Aqua Hot was not working due to a low fluid level, therefore no hot water.  I sure wish my Buddy and motorhome guru, Russ, was attending the rally.

This is our site and as can be seen, we had plenty of room and were only a short walk from the pavilion.  Like most KOA’s, this one is set up to be family friendly with a nice pool and plenty of things for kids to do.

On Sunday night, we had a welcome pot luck supper and get organized meeting.

Our first morning, we drove over to Madisonville for breakfast at Donna’s Old Time Café, which is located on the main street in town.

Twelve of us dug into the breakfast buffet ($10.99) which had a full range of breakfast items plus a salad bar.

After breakfast, most of the group drove a few miles back toward Sweetwater for a visit to the Lost Sea which, at 4.5 acres, is the second largest underground lake in the world (first in the USA) and it is explored by boat.

After a free afternoon, that evening we enjoyed a good supper at Bradley’s BBQ near Sweetwater.  

They gave us this delicious pork and potato appetizer.

Here is the group and everyone seemed pleased with their meals.

After the meal several folks sat around the campfire but I had to pass it up.

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09/19/22 event date


  1. Larry, Glad to see you on the road...sort of...with your RV group! Looks like that Sweetwater KOA worked out pretty well even if your RV gave you some issues. If I tried to walk the Lost Sea tour at my stage and age, they'd have to feed me to the fish. Sure looks like a happy group at Bradley's! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. What a bummer about all the RV issues--they are never fun to deal with. I've never seen an underground lake before! So cool. Glad you are back on your feet, getting out, & having fun with your RV club.

  3. I still need all your RV tips we havent taken ours out yet! All this fun is making me itchy for trying it out!

  4. Larry and Bev got hosting a Fantastic Rally.


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