Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sausage & Kraut Flatbread Pizza

I’d seen this pizza made on TV and since I had some really good ingredients on hand, I wanted to give it a try and serve it to sausage fan (ex-Chicago) friends Laurie and Dave.  I decided to use our favorite Lithuanian Sausage (from the Wurst Kitchen)  but wanted to cook it first too make it easier to slice later and be certain it got done on the pizza.  Since I didn’t want it to cook too much, I cooked in Sous-vide in 140-150F water for six hours (this was the temp my stove would hold the water at and in the range I wanted).  Here it is in the vacuum sealed package with a probe thermometer monitoring the water temperature.

After removing from the water and packaging then cooling, I easily removed the sausage from the casing and sliced it into 3/8” thick rounds – the sausage was firm and still a little pink inside.

About an hour before cooking, I let the other ingredients come to room temperature, topped one of the Naan breads with a sliced baby Swiss cheese and melted it under the broiler.  I’m sure this is a departure from German but we love cheese and I wanted to do a taste test.

Next, I painted a layer of Inglehofer Stone Ground Mustard on all both Naan breads and added a layer of delicious, real-deal kraut from the local Mennonite farmers market.

Finally I added the sliced sausage in a grid pattern about 2” apart.

I baked it in a 400F (convection-bake) oven for 10 minutes and the top ingredients were very hot and the Naan was crispy on the bottom.

Finally, I cut the pizzas into 2” squares and served with additional mustards on the side.

The consensus was that they were good and this makes a nice appetizer but the difference between the cheese and plain was not really noticeable.  We all said we would want it again but next time I’ll do it differently.  I believe brats are cooked similar to these in a German Bier Garten (likely simmered in beer) but I miss the flavor added by the grill so next time, after cooking and removing the casing, I will I put them on a hot grill for a couple of minutes per side to add a little crust prior to slicing for the pizza.

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9/27/18 Meal Date


  1. Larry, I ate about the equivalent of one of those 'pizzas' by myself! Good kraut and sausage. The cheese did make that version a little creamier... I agree with the idea of grilling the sausages for a little more flavor on the crust...good idea! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. Sounds wonderful but I would grill the sausage and not remove the casings if they are natural ones. Actually the only sausage we prefer.

  3. My daughter would LOVE this!!!

  4. ok, so don't let this go to your head - but I think this is genius! I love that mustard, love Naan for a quick pizza and the cheese and sausage = glorious. Thanks for a great idea. And so seasonal. And while I'm here, I want to thank you for spending so much time uploading all those photos and documenting your latest RV adventure. That's a lot of work. I followed along faithfully even though I didn't comment much. What a trip! Did you come home to lots of rain from the hurricane?

  5. I would like to start with how good that pizza sounds and looks and then I want to briefly rant on sous-vide machines. I have several friend with sous-vide machines that provides much gleeful amusement when they try to tell me how great they are. Boulderdash for the dust gatherers they are. Try my steak that took 3 days to cook and looks like grey moon matter. I give you kudos for your homemade sous-vide device but the same thing can be done in 20 minutes on the stove top.Take the same pan and bring the water to a boil. Put sausage package in water, turn off heat and cover pan with lid. Twenty minutes later you have the same results that took six hours. I apologize for my mini rant but friends do not let friends own sous-vide machines without verbal abuse.


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