Monday, January 29, 2018

Seafood Po Boy’s

As we continue to enjoy our seafood haul from Florida, the other day, we had some grouper fingers followed by a shrimp taste testing to determine which coating we preferred with our shrimp (from Skip One Seafood in Ft Myers) using five different ones:

1. Shrimp directly into House Autry Seafood Seasoning
2. Shrimp into buttermilk then House Autry Seafood Seasoning
3. Shrimp into beer batter
4. Shrimp into beer batter then crushed cornflakes
5. Royal Red shrimp into buttermilk and House Autry

Surprisingly #2 was the preferred one and I would have bet on #4 due to the crunch – it was my favorite and I think it would have won with more spices in it.

If you have a go-to fish coating, I'd appreciate getting it as I'm always looking for a better one.

I’ve said all of the above to get to the point of saying we had some raw shrimp and grouper left over and decided to turn them into Po Boy’s using some rolls we also had on hand.  Bev had half grouper and half shrimp but I failed to get a shot of hers.  Mine was shrimp, which I dunked in buttermilk then dredged in a mixture of House Autry and cornflakes.

I nuked the bun for a few seconds to soften and warm it then mostly split it and added some creamy feta salad dressing to one side.  Then I added tomato, a little onion, and lettuce before adding the fried shrimp and baby Swiss cheese.

It was very good but I believe I would have preferred cheddar cheese.  While the shrimps  were delicious, I think smaller ones would work better as they could be packed in easier for an over stuffed sandwich.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them and the blue words are links.

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  1. Love those shrimp po' boys sound very yummy. Last time we had one was i New Orleans a few years ago.

  2. Larry, It's not nice eating those Royal Red Shrimp in front of Laurie and me! I think that i would have just left the cheese off and drizzled a little spicy something over the shrimp... Yum! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. I've never eaten a Po Boy but man do they look AMAZING. I love that you did a taste test with shrimp & seasonings. Great idea.

  4. This is my idea of a Po Boy! Delicious for sure! The coatings all sound good! I've never had cheese on a Po Boy like that though, that works too!

  5. you are a cooking champ this past month and this ones a winner!

  6. How nice to have so many Florida shrimp to try all of those recipes! My favorite shrimp recipe isn't coated but it's a marinade made with Tequila, chili sauce, red pepper flakes, garlic, etc. On my blog under Chiquila shrimp...I think it might be spicy enough for you ;)

  7. I think (although they all sound good) that I would have enjoyed the crunchy one also...

    Your Po-Boy sounds good --but I have a question... Where do you get such pretty big red tomatoes this time of year.... We love summer tomatoes --but have to switch to little cherry ones in winter....


  8. Your Po-Boy looks delicious to me!

  9. Such problems when you have an overstuffed sandwich ... not! A thing of beautiful for sure. Love that you did all that taste testing :)


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