Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Valuable Kitchen Device

To say I’m not a believer in single use kitchen cooking devices, is a giant understatement as I refuse to buy such things as an omelet cooker, a panini press, a George Foreman Grill, a hamburger cooker – you get the point, believing instead that I can use my good set of pans instead – Bev did sneak in a seldom used rice cooker on me.

Don’t get me wrong, we do have plenty of kitchen gadgets, just not many for cooking – we do have a regular pressure cooker and a slow cooker as they can do things that are difficult or impossible to do in regular pots and pans.  I’m not throwing off on those of you who have these items, but they are not for me, in some part because we don’t have a place to store them.  I say this to say I'm reluctant to add gadgets to the kitchen.

However, there is one non-cooking gadget we recently bought that is quickly rising to the ranks of a necessity.  Since we cook a lot and don’t always have containers for storage, we often use plastic wrap to cover containers.  If you use it, you have likely had it refuse to tear on the non-sharp serrated box edge, or fold back on itself into an impenetrable wad as you try to manage it with one hand.  

One morning, while watching the Barefoot Contessa, Ina commented on her Stretch-tite Wrap n Snap 7500 plastic wrap dispenser and despite my reservations, Bev urged me to buy one.  I was not convinced it would work any better than wrap from a box and it would not fit in the drawer where the box goes but after some research and Ina's recommendation, I ordered one from Amazon along with a large roll of plastic wrap.

This link is a 45 second You Tube video showing how it works and ours functions as shown. 

After about six months, we love this thing and since we use it every day and often several times, it now has its own spot on the kitchen island.  I believe the three things that I like are that it cuts cleanly every time, the new end is easy to get for the next use, and it leaves both hands free to deal with the plastic rather than using one of my hands to hold the box. 

I used the thing the other night to cover a couple of two quart measuring cups full of homemade chicken broth and thought “this thing works so good, I should blog about it.”  So if you’re tired of struggling with the plastic wrap, they are $20-25 at Walmart and Amazon plus a large roll of wrap.

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  1. Attending Culinary School made me a plastic wrap believer. I really got into the habit of using it. Before I used way too many plastic zip locks, for who knows what reason. I appreciate learning about this gadget. Heading over to watch the video.

  2. Looks like areal handy items thanks for the info.

  3. My current box is falling apart and always seems to cut my fingers. Looks like I need one of these!!!

  4. Larry, Thanks for this posting...For sure as soon as Laurie sees your post, (one day later), I'll be ordering this dispenser via Amazon! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for suggesting this product. Looks helpful in the kitchen especially for food giveaways, food storing and packing meals.

  6. Looks like a good product, but for some reason I seldom use plastic wrap, just plastic containers and ziploc bags! I just threw a pricey gadget in the garbage and told myself, no more gadgets ever again, and I don't have any room to store one more. If I start using plastic wrap more though, I will think about this...

  7. ...RVable?????????HRB..

  8. I've never heard of this but will head over to Amazon to check it out. Thanks for the youtube video link too. Brilliant!

  9. Very interesting. Our kitchen is very cramped but maybe I could figure out some creative stacking to make room.


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