Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 Florida RV Trip, Days 34-35, The Trip Home & Wrap-Up

Our original plan was to start home on Jan 3, but after two days of cold and rainy with more to come and nothing else we really wanted to do, see, or eat, we decided that rather than hang around waiting to go home, we’d just hit the road. 

So we pulled out around 10am on Saturday and headed for Gadsden, AL for the night at Cove RV Resort and Campground.  The Cove is a little over a year old and has a ways to go to be a good campground, much less a resort but it was adequate for an overnight stay.  They have a good location, some nice facilities, and a good WiFi but their sites need a lot of work to be level and a little wider.

We traveled FL-87, US-31, I-65, I-459, and I-59, I-24 and I-75 - the road surfaces were all good but I-59 which was a little rough due to the cracks above the old concrete joints.

We got home about 2pm on New Year’s Eve, and as my hands were freezing while I topped off the fuel tanks, I could only ask “what were we thinking leaving FL for this weather – it was 11 overnight and expected to be this way all week.  Rather than come home four days early, we should have extended for four days – what was I thinking (or not).

I thought it was a very good trip and I would not hesitate to stay in the same locations again in Ft. Myers, Dunnellen, East Point, and Navarre – I really enjoyed the less crowded parts of Florida and the plain ole country folks (their words) in the East Point/ Apalachicola area. 

The campgrounds were all good, we saw some interesting sites, and ate some excellent seafood – I could have eaten it every day and I didn’t miss many.  We came home with a freezer full of shrimp, oysters, and fish and already have a plan for a good portion of it.

Thanks for following us along on our journey.

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  1. I was thinking the same when you said going home early, even cool wet weather in the south is much better than the very cold freezing weather back home, I am sure you will warm up soon and enjoy some wonderful meals.

  2. Larry, Welcome back to "Paradise South"! Congratulations on the timing...coldest period here in East Tennessee for several years... We're thankful for our dual fuel HVAC system, that's for sure! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. I am so glad you had a great trip and have made it home safely. Hope you guys stay warm.

  4. Glad you made it home safely...stay warm. As to your timing, as they say, "hindsight is always easy". It got down in the 30's here in Vero Beach, Fl. but is about 50 now. One more day of cold and then it will start warming up. In the 70's next week.

  5. Welcome home! I bet it's still cold in Tennessee. We have a big fat 6 degrees this morning. Florida is sounding better every minute - especially all that delicious seafood. Happy New Year!

  6. I'm with you, I like the more deserted parts of Florida. My favorite surfing spot for 15 years was a place that was just a turn off, no paved parking, and no buildings in site from North to South. It was a place called "writing on the road" on A1A between St A and Jacksonville. It's more populated now but it was great to be surfing with 4 or 5 friends instead of 200 people in a surfing line up.

  7. one of my favorite meals... now I am wishing for it! Happy New Year!


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