Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Florida RV Trip, Days 32-33, Johnny Huston’s & Visit With Friends (Chet’s Seafood)

Happy New Year 

Thursday turned out gray and rainy so we didn’t plan much but eating out for lunch and based upon the recommendation of fellow campers, we opted for Johnny Huston’s Grille & Bar.

It looks more like a sports bar on the inside with many TV’s tuned to various sporting events.

Our fellow campers suggested the burgers and onion rings were very good so that’s what we went with beginning with an onion ring appetizer – no pic but they were very good – hot and crispy and enough for the three of us. 

Bev ordered the 50/50 Burger ($15) - Mix of pulled pork, ground beef & bacon grilled & topped w/ cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce sided with fries.

Pat had the Mac & Cheese Burger ($13) - 6 oz patty topped with mac & cheese and chopped bacon sided with potato soup.

I had the Alpine Burger ($12) - 10 oz patty topped with chipotle aioli, sautéed onions, mushrooms & Swiss cheese sided with fries.

The food was all very good and the service was excellent with the only negative being it’s a little pricey – I would definitely eat here again when I needed a good burger.

The next day we went to visit some friends from our travel club, who live in Pensacola, at the building site for their new home and tree house – yes you heard right, a tree house.  While the intent is for it to be a tree HOUSE, at this point it is a tree DECK in a large Live Oak tree and designed such that it has no bolts into the tree and mostly hangs on cables from the higher branches.  This is what you do when you watch too many tree house TV shows and have money you need something to do with.  Shots from the ground and top.

Then they took us to their favorite hole-in-the-wall seafood restaurant, Chet’s Seafood where we all ordered the recommended Marinated, Fried Grouper.

The grouper was outstanding with both the fish and the coating being melt-in-your-mouth - the slaw, fries, and hush puppies were also very good.  This is definitely a must go to if in the area.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them and the blue words are links.

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12/28-12/29/17 Event Dates


  1. Happy New Year , Chets sound like a wonderful place for some tasty seafood.

  2. Wow--on that Tree "House"...... Those Live Oaks are perfect I guess for building tree houses.... Neat.

    I love Grouper --and haven't had any as good as when I lived near Sarasota, FL.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Larry, I do believe that I'd have to try that 50/50 burger at Johnny Huston's! Burgers looked great... Chet's Seafood looked good too. Thanks for the restaurant tips! As for that tree house, I'd need a crane to get me up and down from there! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. I would love a tree house. The tree deck (for now) is cool too. Glad you were able to meet up with friends.

  5. Wow that is a nice view from the deck of that soon to come tree house.

  6. The typical Florida seafood dive holds a special place in my heart. Every trip to Florida, I get the craving for a fried seafood platter.

  7. I love all the seafood no matter where I go here... in Florida


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