Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Florida RV Trip, Days 24-25, Apalachicola & Wakulla Springs

Wednesday finally began with a pretty clear sky but then the fog rolled back in so the girls picked this day to check out the shopping in Apalachicola while the dogs and I puttered around the coach.  The girls said there were plenty of stores but they were surprised at the high prices they found.

On Thursday, we made the 90 minute drive up to Wakulla Springs to see the 8th Wonder OF The World (according to them) as it was a priority trip for Bev.  Edward Ball bought the property in 1934 and built the hotel in 1937, and developed it into a tourist attraction - it became a state park in 1986 now containing about 6000 acres.  While in the state park, the 27 room hotel is managed by a concessionaire.  

 The lobby is warm and welcoming and I really liked the ceiling.

I was there when I was 16 and still remember riding the glass bottomed boats and how clear the water was.  It was a big tourist attraction in those days, before the likes of Disney World, Sea World, etc. - it’s hard for looking at fish in a glass bottom boat to compete with the Magic Kingdom.  Click this link for more about the history of the springs and the lodge.  In the Google Earth shot the 317' diameter and 185' deep spring is the dark area in the left.

This is one of the few FL state parks with a big time hotel and restaurant so we had to give it a try for lunch.  The restaurant was just a big open room with tables but it had a nice view of the water.  Pat had the chicken and pasta, Bev had fried chicken, and I had shrimp and grits – we all enjoyed our meals.

This made for a fun day trip and it was nice to return 55 years later - I hate that I can say that.

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12/20-12/21/17 Event Dates


  1. What a fun day you had and returning 55 years later and enjoying it is wonderful, glad you enjoyed your time there.

  2. Larry, Laurie and I visited Wakulla Springs and did the boat ride too. It's only been about 15 years ago though. It was relaxing and scenic... That fried chicken looks pretty good! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Another beautiful stop on your big adventure! I too love visiting places from my childhood - and can't imagine where the years have gone. Hope you and Bev had a lovely Christmas! Happy New Year :)

  4. Actually you should be very happy to say that you have returned 55 years later. :D

  5. I think it's awesome that you went back 55 years later... it looks like a neat place. The shrimp & fried chicken look drool worthy.


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