Sunday, December 3, 2017

2017 Florida RV Trip, Days 1&2, The Trip South

Joe and I got on the road at 8 am on a chilly (low 30’s), frosty fall morning to start our two day trip to the Marco Island , Fl area.  Without Bev in the co-pilots seat, it took the dogs a little while to settle down to a spot they liked – Joe still usually had one in his lap but Bev nearly always has two.  

It was an uneventful trip down US-411 and I-75 and I did a first, going thru Atlanta in the HOV lane where the restrictions are no trucks and minimum of two people.  It was so much better with vehicles only on one side of me and not having to worry about any lane changes.  Unfortunately there was a wreck induced back-up a little south of the city that took at least 30 minutes to get though.

We pulled into Cecil Bay RV Park at 4pm, for an eight trip.  Cecil Bay is run by a nice older couple and is good for an overnight stay with plenty of long pull-thru sites and with Good Sam’s discount, it was only $28/night.  The roads and sites are all gravel with plenty of grass between sites – our site was level.  This is a shot down the road with lots of pecan trees (Joe got a bag full from the ground) and our site.

It must be a pretty good place to overnight as evidenced by the two high dollar Prevosts near us.

We didn’t use water or sewer, but the electric was fine and the WiFi was good for a campground – four channels throughout the park.  The only negative was the road noise due to its proximity to the interstate but it didn’t keep me from a good night’s sleep.

Day two saw us continuing south on I-75 and we hadn’t gone 30 miles before we encountered a one hour back-up due to a pretty bad wreck.  After that, it was an uneventful trip to the campground, and I believe this was the highest semi to car ratio I’d ever seen on the interstate.  Thanks to the delay, we didn't arrive until after 4:30, but we got set up, and enjoyed a cold beer while waiting for Bev and Pat to come pick us up.  This is the view from our chairs.

We were staying at Silver Lakes Resort, which is an ownership park containing a mix of mobile homes and RV’s.  

This is a shot down the road and our site and as I told Joe, this is the difference between a $28/night park (the first night) and a $65/night park.

Silver Lakes is a very nice resort and representative of many places in Florida.  The 90 degree sites are a little bit of a challenge to get into with a 45’ coach but we did it without incident.  My only criticism was lack of WiFi except in the office, oh and the $65 price but I would stay there again.

Bev came up with a great idea and we all agreed that she and Joe should swap living quarters so Bev could sleep with the pups and me (mostly them) and Joe could enjoy the condo on the beach.

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  1. You had a good drive down there now to enjoy a bit of Florida, not likely we would pay $65.00 a night to camp ,probably why we don't do Florida.
    Enjoy your time there.

  2. Larry, Great views at the second site. Lakes always help the mood too... $65.00 per night is OK but no wi fi and Laurie would be out of there! Have a great time... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. I always enjoy following along on your trips. Thanks for taking the time to post.

  4. Wow - that second resort looks pretty fancy!


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