Saturday, September 24, 2016

2016 Western Trip – Days 63-64 Campgrounds and Big Texan

We left Santa Fe on Tuesday starting our trip home but first I’ll discuss Santa Fe Skies RV Park.  We really liked the park and would consider it the high end of the mid range between a campground and a resort.  Here are some shots of the park and our nice site – we liked that we had a patio on both side with the drivers side facing west for sunset watching.

All of the amenities worked well and the staff was very friendly.  We were 15-20 minutes from the downtown plaza so it was convenient enough – I would definitely stay there again if in Santa Fe.

Our first night on the road, we stopped overnight in Amarillo – the original plan was to spend two nights but we were ready to get home so we spent one night at the Amarillo RV Ranch which worked well for an overnight.  The cable required a box, which we didn’t use, and wi-fi was only available in the office, but we had a good level, pull-thru, satellite friendly site so it worked fine for us – the big negative was the traffic noise from I-40.

One of the things that is supposed to be done in Amarillo in eat at the Big Texan, and even though the RV park is owned by the same folks and even though they will drive you to the restaurant in a limo, I was not up for eating out.  Here are some campground shots from the web.

Since Bev really thought we had to eat at the Big Texan and they had RV parking, we stopped for breakfast on our way out of town – it’s the place that gives you a free meal if you can eat the 72oz steak and fixins.

They had a decent looking buffet but we all had chicken fried steak with eggs, home fries and biscuits and gravy.  The camera was laying there but I forgot to pick it up.

We all thought the meal was pretty good but nothing special enough to go out of our way to eat again.  According to the waitress they are full with a wait in the summer and they seat about 500 – goes to show what a little TV publicity will do for a business.

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9/20 – 9/21/16 event dates


  1. We have driven by the Big Texan a few times, but never had the urge to stop, maybe one day.

  2. Love that limo hood ornament but can't imagine that big steak. Sounds like you had a tasty breakfast on your way out of town. Unique part of the US for sure!

  3. We stopped there for dinner which was fine but definitely not great. Some young guy tried the 72 oz challenge but he didn't even come close to finishing it.

  4. Larry, Amarillo is one place we haven't been... I did fly in there one time on a corporate jet to deal with a warehouse issue but didn't see the town at all. I wouldn't have been able to stay away from the breakfast buffet which would have been a bad thing as I tend to fall asleep after pigging out like that...not good for driving. Welcome Home!! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. The RV campgrounds look really nice...Really, they take you in a limo to the restaurant, how funny. Seems like you are ready to get home. Safe travels to you. Another great RV vacation under your belt.


  6. Looks like a great time, and I love everything in your photos! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour.

  7. It's always nice to find a good RV park! Glad you liked this one. It's bright... You can't miss that restaurant!

  8. I like the limo; that's all Texas right there for you. I had a great uncle who lived in Amarillo, but I've never been there. It looks like a nice place.

  9. Your RV adventures always inspire me, I hope that one day I do the same thing. Our big RV "adventure" this year was 2 weekends ago when we rented one and camped with 45 of our friends in Atlanta where we had 10 RV in a row at Stone Mountain. Good times but those guys party way too hard for me.

  10. You mean you didn't get the 72 oz steak for breakfast? Larry.....I'm let down (ha ha). I've seen that place on Travel Channel and others, I'm glad you got to check it out.


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