Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2016 Western Trip – Days 59-60 – Day Trip South

On Friday we finally went south a few miles for brunch at the San Marcos Café and Feed Store – yep, you read correctly as the business was first a feed store then the café opened.  It recently changed hands and the new owners are committed to maintaining what has worked well for over 30 years. 

We began by sharing a huge and delicious cinnamon roll then Pat ordered her usual French toast, Bev had eggs Florentine, and I had the stacked (verses rolled) beef enchiladas with both green and red chili sauce on different halves.

We all liked our meals a lot and enjoyed talking with our server who was also owner Cindy.  Our plan was to go into Santa Fe for a tour, but Cindy suggested we might want to go one down the Turquoise Trail and stop at Los Cerrillios and Madrid (MAD-rid) so off we went.  The Turquoise Trail is so named due to the many mines that have existed in the area for centuries.

Our first stop was in Los Cerrillios and after a couple of minute drive to see most of the town - not much there, we stopped at the Casa Grande Trading Post, Mining Museum, and Petting Zoo.

From there we went a few miles further to the small town of Madrid with the very interesting history – clink on the link for the story.  Basically, it went from a thriving company owned coal mining town to a virtual ghost town, to a bustling tourist town.

The one shop I went in sold jewelry made primarily by the local Native Americans.

I haven’t seen the movie but “Wild Hogs” was partially shot in Madrid and they even built, then left to the town, Maggie’s Diner for the movie – I wondered why it was so much different than the other structures in town.

On Saturday. I drove the girls to the downtown farmers market then spent the day watching college football.


9/16 – 9/17/16 event dates


  1. Those breakfasts look fab and I would love to try all three! Also loved the great pics of the Turquoise Trail. That's some trip that ya'll are on!

  2. We enjoyed walking the streets of Madrid a few years ago, very interesting town. But Maggie's Diner was not open at the time, such an interesting area. Enjoy... Last fall we went to the Bacon, Beer and Blues Festival in Albuquerque that was fun.

  3. Larry, Ya'll are just explorers these days! Checking out these little towns and hitting the back roads big time... That restaurant is cute and the food looks great. As for the movie "Wild Hogs", part of it was also filmed in Hatch NM. Laurie and I wandered into Hatch and saw this great looking farmer's market/street fair set up and we were ready to shop...only to be chased off by a security guard who told us that it was a movie set for "Wild Hogs". We were actually bummed out! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Your breakfast enchiladas have me drooling. Looks like the Turquoise Trail was fun to explore.

  5. I'm so glad you had stacked enchiladas. A New Mexico specialty. And love these little towns. When we go I want to take a side trip to Chimayo - for some official Chimayo Chile Powder.

  6. That lady gave you a good alternative for your day, didn't she? I love talking to 'locals' since they tell us all of the non-touristy and better places to visit... Looks TERRIFIC.

    Hope you saw our VOLS big come-back win....



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