Saturday, September 3, 2016

2016 Western Trip – Days 33-43 – Mesa Campground

Mesa Campground is located about three miles west of Gunnison on US-50 and we had booked 11 nights so we would have 10 full days in the area.  It bills itself as the nicest campground in the area and has spaces for everything from tents to big rigs.  The trailers in the fourth shot are privately owned.

This is our site, #115, and when I booked it back in January, our only choice was a luxury site with a hot tub at $73/night or $441/week (ouch).  I would have preferred a non-hot tub night for $54/ night or just a big rig site for $45/night (3rd shot).  When we arrived, the big rig area was full but when I took the shots, several had left.

While I didn’t really want the hot tub, Bev finally decided to use it even though she was alone and after a few trips, I think her attitude improved and she said it helped a skin problem she is having.

The campground utilities all worked well and I think the wi-fi did – my temp computer is so slow I can’t tell for sure – there is no TV cable for those who like the major networks.  The staff in the office and the other work campers were all friendly and helpful.  We only looked at one other area campground (KOA) and I would choose Mesa again for a stay in Gunnison.

The main reason for coming to the Colorado high country was to get away from the heat and humidity at home and it has sure worked in Gunnison.  While we have been having 75/45 temps here, it has been 95/75 at home and I love having to bundle up to sit outside in the morning to drink coffee and do my computing.  The one thing I do notice is the intensity of the sun with 7000 feet less atmosphere to go through here.

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8/21–8/31/16 event dates


  1. I know you can relate to my computer issues - sorry I wasn't able to comment sooner and let you know about McGills in Crested Butte - yummy breakfast and awesome coffee. Aren't those temperatures crazy as you go up and down in elevation? As many times as we've visited that part of CO, we've never made it to Lake City. I assure you, next time through it'll be on our agenda.

  2. Looks like Bev is getting her money's worth. We made it to Lake City yesterday and agree about never taking an RV there. We are loving the cool air too.

  3. Nice to have the hot tub but ouch for the price, better enjoy it.

  4. Even though you didn't want the deluxe site, I think it was worth the extra money to have a nice private outdoor area and that hot tub. Happy Labor Day, Larry.

  5. Larry, Sounds like your trek is going well... As for the intensity of the sun, we noted the same issue when we were in northern Australia. With relatively little air pollution even at sea level, you could really feel the sun! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. Fancy. We've never stayed at a site with a hot tub. Glad Bev ended up enjoying it. I am glad you have loved visiting Colorado. It's so beautiful there.


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