Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Salisbury Steak TV Dinner

Our neighbor, Steve, loves Salisbury steak but apparently only gets it via a TV dinner and since we also really like it, we decided to invite them down for our version.  We once again used the recipe for SalisburySteak with Mushroom Gravy from Lynda’s Recipe Box – please stop by Lynda’s site for the recipe and photos.

Before discussing the meal, here's a little history of the dish.  It was named for Dr. James Henry Salisbury who encouraged it during the Civil War because he considered minced beef as health food.  The term Salisbury steak was first recorded in 1897 but really came into full usage during World War I when patriotic Americans wanted a substitute for the German word hamburger. 

I followed Lynda's recipe except I made six 8 oz. steaks and a double recipe of gravy using both button and cremini mushrooms.

We sided the steak with some Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes, buttered peas, buttered carrots, and hot rolls.  I wanted to serve Steve's in a sectioned aluminum TV dinner tray, but didn't want to go to town and try to find them.  

We made the potatoes and gravy a little ahead of time and kept them warm on the cook top.  

I used a pot for the potatoes, a skillet for the gravy, two skillets to cook the meat and two pots for the veggies – steamed in a little seasoned chicken broth until tender then buttered.  We rarely use all of the eyes on the range, but it's nice when we need them - this is just before the cooking started.

This is the finished platter of steak and the extra gravy was served on the side.

Just as I was ready to shoot my plate, the camera battery was dead and I resorted to Bev’s phone - I knew I needed to charge that thing occasionally.  My meal looked even better than the shot of it shows.

The meal was a success and Steve said it was the best TV dinner he’d ever eaten and I certainly agreed (I ate many as a kid and considered them and pot pies a treat).

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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12/8/13 meal date


  1. That poor man.. I remember Salisbury steak TV dinner.. they really weren't that good. Although I do remember them being better than the Salisbury steak lunches at school!!! lol At least he finally got to try a fantastic version of his favorite meal!!

  2. I honestly think that's the only Salisbury steak I've ever had...is from those Swanson TV Dinners. It's been on my list of things to make forEV-er. And I'd love to find some of those aluminum divided trays. They'd make a great photo prop.

  3. TV dinners bring back so many memories, but this looks so much better! How come I wasn't invited!?

  4. Looks delicious... That dinner does bring back lots of memories... Seems like we had that Mystery Meat for dinner alot at the high school/college cafeterias.... But--I always liked it even if I didn't know what was in it... ha

    I always wondered how the Salisbury Steak got its name. Thanks for the info.

    Merry Christmas.

  5. What a delicious meal! I had to chuckle when I saw the title of your post as I have had my share of Salisbury Steak TV Dinners! I would have loved to have pulled up a chair and joined you!

  6. Looking at your pictures made my stomach growl...Larry! LOL! Looks fabulous!!

  7. This is something that I absolutely must make. Trevor loves salisbury steak from, of all places, school. We doesn't like the various versions we make at home. Oh well, there's no accounting for a teenager's taste, right?

  8. Well, now I know why Salisbury Steak seems to be a fancy name for "big hamburger." I love them, too. Yours look great, Larry.

  9. Larry, I'm sure that Laurie would love this meal! It would satisfy her cravings for mushrooms for a while... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  10. Pardon the expression, I bet that Steve ate up that gorgeous "TV" dinner you made. Poor guy if he has to eat frozen dinners. I bet they'll never taste the same now that he's had the real thing.

  11. Oh boy, that is comfort food at its best. I would love every single bite of this meal. The gravy is making my mouth water.

  12. Thanks for the shout out Larry. I'm glad that Steve had a chance to have the real thing and your photos still look delicious.
    I too had many tv dinners growing up and my school also served Salisbury Steak, which was not very good.


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