Sunday, December 8, 2013

Marco – Farmers Market

After missing the trip the previous week and hearing all about it, I was the first one in the car for the Wednesday morning visit to the local farmers market.  The event is held November 6, 2013 - April 30, 2014  at one of the city parks and there were more than 100 vendors there selling produce, meat & fish, baked goods, arts and crafts, jewelry, other food items, ready to eat foods, and more.

This is a shot down each of the two aisles.

There were several produce booths, some with just veggies and some including fruit, and some just fruit.

The baked goods booths were hard to walk by and we didn’t.

This is the cheese place from which the Spanish Valdeon blue cheese came for last weeks salads and this time I bought provolone and another cheese whose name I forgot.

I also bought 2# of home-made mozzarella from another vendor.

I was impressed by the dolphin carvings.

Of course there was kettle corn and lemonade

and the BBQ place where I bought my breakfast.

While most of the stuff was as high or higher than in the store, it was also of higher quality and if I lived in Marco during the winter, I can imagine buying most of our food at the FM.  I wanted to buy some meat and fish to take home but it was just too darned expensive - $19/lb for steak and grouper.

I've not been to lots of FMs but this was the best I'd seen.  We bought plenty of stuff considering we were leaving in three days and this may be our first trip where the car was more packed for the return trip from Marco.  

I can imagine that Wednesday is a pretty much of an off-day at the local Publix and Winn Dixie.

After the market we headed over to Lee Be Fish Co. for an outstanding fish taco made with fresh grilled grouper and snapper.  They used to be just a fish market, but began offering prepared food three years ago and while the menu is limited, what we tried was delicious.

So that's it for this years trip to Marco Island with one last sunset and thanks for following along.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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11/20/13 event date


  1. What a nice farmer's market and the food looked very high quality. Had to smile about your car being more packed on the way home. That's understandable after your visit to this wonderful FM.

  2. Those Florida sunsets are stunning. I would have had a ball at that Farmer's Market. Did you buy a dolphin?

  3. That is a very large market. Here is California 19 dollars would be a sale price. I am a little skeptical of those good looking tomatoes. We only see green tomatoes this time of year.We really enjoy going to farmers markets. We are lucky to have markets year round. It is the best place to get seasonal produce.

  4. Larry, Great looking 'farmer's market', even if using the term farmer's market with Marco Island is a bit of an oxymoron... I'd have put down anchor at the bread and cheese booths! Love a good fish taco...with a spicy taco sauce... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. I am in heaven at a good farmer's market. i could spend endless amount of time perusing the food stalls and blow my food budget in a heartbeat.

  6. That looks like a great farmers market... the one by my house has like 5 booths.. lol!! The veggies look wonderful :) And of course, I can never get tired of sunset photos!

  7. That is one heck of a nice Farmer's Market. I love supporting local farmers! The sunset photos are beautiful.

  8. Do you really think it's fair to post photos of Farmer's Markets and people in short sleeved shirts while we are freezing here? lol All I can say is 'wish we were there'. Wonderful to enjoy the fruits of a bountiful local harvest.

  9. What a nice farmers market…its so big. I can't believe how expensive the meat was. Every time I go back to visit our kids, I say how expensive food is compared to New Hampshire. Hope you arrived home safely and didn't have to drive through bad weather.

  10. I've heard that Florida has been enjoying wonderful weather while the rest of us are freezing. Glorious sunset photos and I love a good farmers market.

  11. That's an impressive farmer's market; ours is so small compared to it. Makes me wish I was there Larry. It is snowing here again-so far about 4 inches in the last 5 hours and it's so cold! But I'm guessing you have more white stuff than we do from earlier in the week.

  12. I noticed that their season is almost the exact opposite of the ones here in Knox that run May to November. But I guess that would be an unreasonable drive for fresh veggies ha ha.


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