Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend Humor

..and God said...

God said, "Adam, I want you to do something for Me."

Adam said, "Gladly, Lord, what do You want me to do?"

God said, "Go down into that valley."

Adam said, "What's a valley?"

God explained it to him. Then God said, "Cross the river."

Adam said, "What's a river?"

God explained that to him, and then said, "Go over to the hill...."

Adam said, "What is a hill?"

So, God explained to Adam what a hill was. He told Adam, "On the other side of the hill you will find a cave."

Adam said, 'What's a cave?'

After God explained, He said, "In the cave you will find a woman."

Adam said, "What's a woman?'

So God explained that to him, too. Then, God said, 'I want you to reproduce."

Adam said, "How do I do that?"

God first said (under His breath), "Geez....."

And then, just like everything else, God explained that to Adam, as well.

So, Adam goes down into the valley, across the river, and over the hill, into the cave, and finds the woman.

Then, in about five minutes, he was back.

God, His patience wearing thin, said angrily, "What is it now?"

And Adam said.... *            

"What's a headache?"

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  1. You always make me smile...thanks for the chuckle.

  2. Hi There, I'm back after a big birthday week. Trying to catch up a little on my blogging.

    HA HA HA ---love that joke!!!!! Oh how women get accused of having a headache!!!!! Love it.


  3. HA! And f you believe God is a man or a woman, would depend on what the answer to that last questions would be.

  4. LOL....hubby loved that one!


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