Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Western Trip – WY & MT Drive-Thru

This is the post that would have been up a few days ago and is out of order by two posts.

CLARIFICATION - Sorry for the confusion with the last post, but I was referring to missing Yellowstone last year.  We're still heading that way from here.

Since we were on a mission to get to the Glacier NP area, we left the Black Hills of SD, got on I-90 and headed W/NW for three days – this is big country.  On the first day we drove from Hill City, SD to Billings, MT and while early WY was green and rolling, it soon became nearly desert and I’m sure I would not want to live in this area. 

When we got nearer trough Billings, we spent more time in valleys where more green and agriculture was evident then spent the night in the Yellowstone River RV Park and it was a real departure from the vast spaces at Rafter J Bar Ranch

The original KOA was just down the road, but I didn’t want to spend the additional $30 to stay there – I drove thru and it was just a little nicer than ours. 

From Billings, I-90 follows the same valley as the Yellowstone River to Livingston and it looked much different than WY, but it was obvious that as soon as the valley was left, it was dry and brown Google Earth shot.

Sorry about the through-the-window glare.

Our second night was spent at Riverfront RV Park just south of Garrison, MT (the city limit signs at each end of town can be seen from one another).

It was a nice little family owned campground with a work camper (Alan) who looked after things - I was impressed with his solar powered transportation.  

The campground was okay for an over-night but the noise from I-90 traffic and trains passing thru Garrison were a little distracting.  They do a lot of farming in the MT valleys but even have to irrigate their hay fields - something never seen in our area.  Sun up and rolled hay near Deer Lodge, WY.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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8/21- 8/22/2013 event date


  1. You are making pretty good time and heaven knows you are seeing a lot. I'm glad you like the menu, Larry. Bob has had extensive oral surgery for implants and he is limited to soft and mashable food for a while. I try to keep it interesting for him. have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. We didn't get into Montana much --but I remember driving through Southern Wyoming on our way to Yellowstone (from the south) ---and seeing all of that desert there. You are right. I'd never want to live there. I also remember going through Oklahoma in 2011 --and the terrain (even though the elevation was high) was desert-like.... I'll take my green trees and mountains ANYDAY...

    Keep on plugging.

  3. Larry, Montana isn't called 'big sky country' for nothing! It seems to go on forever...especially in the flatlands! I do like that solar powered cart. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Guess maybe since I grew up here I'm a wide open spaces person. I don't like the feeling of being hemmed in by trees. I love being able to see for miles and miles.

  5. It's like it goes on and on!

  6. So glad you're going to Yellowstone. We stayed in nearby Idaho with friends and came over to visit the park one day from there. I agree with Dave. Montana isn't called big sky country for nothing. It was so impressive to me that we wanted to sing "where the deer and the antelope roam."

    You are really covering a lot of ground. Drive safely and I'll be looking forward to your next stop.

  7. You are on the road again! This looks like a great trip. I have yet to make it to Montana and Wyoming....maybe next year. I am easily distracted by Oregon! :-)

  8. I am so glad you didn't have rv problems this trip and that you will be heading to Yellowstone. It's where I realized the true meaning of "God's" Country. It's magnificent. You should head to the Oregon coast someday - it's also quite beautiful!


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