Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 Western Trip – Features In West Salem, WI

One of the things Bev likes to do when we travel is eat out and leave the cooking and clean up to others so she ask about potential places at the Neshonoc Lakeside Camp Resort office.  With a population of 4900 in West Salem, WI, the list of options wasn’t long and after some concerns about eating breakfast at a sports bar, we headed down to Features Sports Bar and Grill.

As it turned out there was a decent sized restaurant with outdoor patio on one end, a large sports bar in the center, and a bowling alley on the other end – only in the North J

The service was good and we each ordered a different meal:

Bev – Mexican Omelet - Seasoned beef, black olives, and onions all smothered with salsa and cheese. Served with sour cream, toast, and hash browns. $7.99

Pat – Hunters Platter - Baby red potatoes lightly fried, topped with scrambled eggs, fried onions, and peppers served with bacon or sausage and toast. $5.99

Me – Farmers Platter - Grilled Klement's Italian sausage and hash browns, topped with fried onions, and peppers with two eggs and a side of sausage, served with toast. $5.99

.All meals were very good and after talking with the staff and looking at the evening menu, we decided to come back for supper and try the burgers and fried cheese curds they are noted for.

We started the meal with an appetizer of Homemade Cheese Curds -  12 ounces of hand dipped fresh Westby cheese curds served with a side of marinara sauce. $8.99.

They would have been great except they were way too salty.

For our entrees we all had a Steakhouse Burger - Steakhouse Burgers - All steakhouse burgers are served on a grilled ciabatta bun with lettuce and tomato. Served with our famous loaded potato skins, smothered in monterey jack or nacho cheese sauce, spicy waffle fries or french fries.

Pat – Curd Burger - Our 8 oz. steakhouse burger is crowned with a slice of American cheese and a mound of deep fried Wisconsin cheese curds. $8.99

Bev – Monster Mac and Cheese Burger - An 8 oz. burger on Jalapeno cheddar bread with grilled homemade Mac & Cheese, bacon and jalapenos. $9.49

Larry – From its description and the obvious photo op, I ordered the Frat Burger - This is the talk of the town! A juicy 8 oz. steakhouse burger, pressed between two grilled cheese sandwiches with fried onions and mushrooms. $9.49

We all ordered the loaded potato skins as our side dish.

As you can see, the meals were huge and none of us ate more than half of theirs.  While the burgers were all good and definitely unique, I would not say they were blow-me-away special from a taste standpoint, and definitely not as good as our breakfast meals.  However, I would eat both meals there again if in the area.

There was nothing shown for Madison and she chose not to join us and we took something back to her.

Between meals, Bev snuck in a little afternoon nap.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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8/14/2013 meal dates


  1. One of the fun parts about traveling is eating out and having someone else do the cleaning up, so we can take a nap :)

    That's a lot of food for the price - a real "meat and potatoes" kind of place, plus plenty of left-overs for Madison.

  2. Cheese curds.... YUM!!!!! Although it all looks good and decadent... I would go for another basket of those curds!!!! :)

  3. Cheese curds...Very cool. Glad the breakfast was good, and the burgers were fine. You certainly did not return to the RV hungry (smile).


  4. That is a bunch of goooooooood looking food. I think I would have ordered the same thing as Pat for breakfast. Looks and sounds good. And those burgers are laughable .. in a very good way. I used to get cheese curds all the time when we lived in Kansas, but can't find them here. And too bad the fried ones were too salty. They sound very good. I bet you had good leftovers with those large meals. And look at that little white dog ... all grown up. Thanks for taking the time to post all the photos and write ups. I enjoy following along on your trip.

  5. Well I can promise you that the Avon Cafe won't be any dining experience. The last I heard the food is good but nothing special. Cheese curds rank at the very bottom of my food list. But since I don't eat cheese that's not too surprising.

  6. It's nice when you find a good restaurant when traveling. The breakfasts look delicious! Your burger, with the two grilled cheese "buns", looks decadent!

  7. You definitely found an unique eatery. With the bowling alley and sports bar you could stay there all day. Those breakfast meals did look delicious.

  8. Larry, The prices were right and the portions were huge! The burgers looked good... For West Salem WI, you are right. This is a good local choice... Love the photo of Bev! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. Oh, you're in our neck of the woods, cheesehead country! Love those cheese curds and hope you guys have a fun trip!

  10. When camping, it's not the cooking I hate, only the cleaning!!

    Great bunch of meals there. It's almost 2 and I haven't had lunch. Damn I want one of those burgers.


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