Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 Western Trip – Steak and Corn

We had’t cooked much on our trip west, so we celebrated our arrival in the Black Hills with grilled steaks and corn we’d picked up in West Salem, Wisconsin.  I don’t generally like to wait two days to cook corn, but this was a super sweet and picked the day we bought it from the folks who grew it.  We got the steaks at a store named Woodman's which is a 15 store chain in Wisconsin and northern Illinois and is employee owned.  At Woodman's, we also picked up some cheese made by a local Coop and some local sausages then stopped at the local IGA for some in-store made brats.

In addition to an RV kitchen, we travel with a little Weber Smoky Joe, an old fashioned (and 40 year old) Coleman Store, and a fancier Coleman propane grill that I hate to get out due to its size and weight. Since I'm more of a camper than an RVer, I like to do as much outside as possible and use the coach more like a drive along motel room.

So for this meal, I used the Smoky Joe and cooked the meals in shifts – Bev and Pat then Madison and me.  The steaks got oil and Montreal Steak Seasoning (check the marbling in those rib eyes) and the corn got the same plus a butter basting (they were nearly perfect ears).

I gave no thought to plating presentation but the food was very good and eating it outside surrounded by the South Dakota Black Hills made it really special.

Note: Since we're traveling and I have lots to write about and want to chronicle our trip, I'll probably post every day.  In some cases, it may be too much information but some of what I write is for other travelers who may want to visit the area.  Feel free to skip over the uninterested stuff or just look at the pictures - as if I needed to tell you this.  I'll try to make my posts a mixture of where we went, what we did, and what we ate and hope you can top by often.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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8/16/2013 meal date


  1. I find it interesting to see how you cook traveling in an RV and what you eat. It's something many of us, including myself, will never experience. I'm sure you came west for the sites and not for the food, but I'm really enjoying both.

    Those are some fine looking steaks. Eating out is fun, but along about now I would have been craving a big juicy home cooked steak, cooked to order by my own private chef :) Great header photo of Mt. Rushmore.

  2. Love that header photo. Wish I were eating steaks and corn surrounded by the Black Hills.

  3. Having grew up in the Midwest and now living in the southwest desert I can safely say there is nothing like good sweet corn from the Midwest!!! I'm so jealous!!! :) Love the new header picture too... We saw Mt Rushmore when I was a kid and it always brings back such great memories of that trip when I see it!!

  4. Wisconsin sweet corn. Doesn't get much better than that unless it is Iowa sweet corn!! Of course, I am partial. Keep the news coming. You should be in Montana soon. Woke up to 40 degrees this morning in the mountains. Of course, it gets up to almost 90 during the day. Be safe.

  5. There is nothing like a ribeye in my book. And sweet corn - yum.

  6. Those steaks are making my mouth water and that corn looks delicious. Beautiful scenery, too. You really know how to live!

  7. Silly Larry - all of it is interesting! What you ate, where you went, everything you see - I want it all! With an egg on top of course. Fresh corn and steak - oh yes please!

  8. Larry, Looks like the perfect meal to me! Steaks and corn...just a great combo... Looks like the trip is going well! Travel safely. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. Hey, your plate picture is almost as ugly as mine! I remember fondly the old Coleman stoves. I spent half my camping life as a child huddled around it, trying to keep from freezing. You see, camping season in Connecticut ran from the third weekend in April till the 3rd weekend in October - fishing season. And other than mid-June through Labor Day, it was d**n cold! Lucky you, having a portable motel room in which Madison can warm up!

  10. I'm happy the trip is going good...the sights are wonderful from looking at your header photo.

  11. I love traveling with you on your trip... So many places you talk about are places we visited --or want to visit when we return to those areas...

    Your steaks and corn look awesome... YUM...


  12. I love my little Smoky Joe, those things come in handy. I think location outdoes "presentation" in this case, don't you? Great post! Now I want a steak.


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