Sunday, September 16, 2012

Go West Old Man – Wall, SD – 2012

After checking out the Badlands, we went back to Wall, SD to visit the famous Wall Drug – click on the link for a fascinating story of how it came to be and why there are so many advertising signs along the interstate - you really should read this.

This is the tourist street in Wall. 

The Hustead family has brought lots of money to this little town in nowhere, SD– they employ 200 during the summer.  The store seems to contain some of about everything on the planet and ranges from some very nice artwork and leatherwear to the typical made-in-China tourist junk.  I just took a couple of inside shots, but you can go to Wall Drug Images for many.
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9/8/12 event date


  1. Now this looks like great fun.. you both look like you had a blast! GREAT SHOTS!

  2. Love it! You guys are having great fun. Parking must have been a bummer for you!

  3. I would have so much fun in that store! I did read the link, great story. Are you ever going to get to Colorado? :)

  4. Larry, Of course everyone has heard of the Wall Drug Store... Still, we circled the Dakota's by driving up the east side of both states, across the north side of ND, and then down the west side of both states. Missed Wall Drugs! Thanks for the photos... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. It is amazing that there is a place like that in the area and the street looks so crowded.

  6. Oh my gosh, those dog gone old wooden Indian and Cowboy are STILL There. We took photos of ourselves standing/sitting next to them too. What a hoot!

    On to your next destination post!

  7. That was a great read. I had heard of Wall Drug but never knew why or where or any of that.


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