Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go West Old Man – Onward to Colorado – 2012

We left a 40 degree Cheyenne on Thursday morning for the 240 mile drive down to a KOA south of Pueblo, CO.  The trip down was uneventful and about 30 miles inside of Colorado, we began seeing much more farming than ranching and the terrain was more rolling like South Dakota. 

After talking to some folks at the campground, they advised that I-25 was a better road than US-85 and it was a pretty good road.  We did elect to take the E470 toll road around the east side of Denver and I’m glad I did.  The road was in great shape and we avoided all of the traffic and hassle of going through Denver.
The terrain got pretty dry near the campground.
We arrived at the Pueblo South KOA and found it to be one of the nicer places we’ve stayed with plenty of room and very nice grass between the sites. 
Our old guy looks pretty shabby amongst these newer models. This is my three girls in their post drive mode. 
The highlight of this day was to get an inside tour of this guy – tallest motorhome I’ve ever seen. 
It’s a Prevost by Liberty Coach and rather than being on a truck chassis like most motorhomes, it’s a bus which rides and drives better and should be good for many, many miles – Dolly’s is this kind.  The owners are first time and full time RVers and rather than work their way up through several coaches they took the plunge on this two year old one.  The interior is way fancier than our home and they are all made-to-order.  According to the owner, the chassis alone (all stainless steel) is $500,000 before they start adding the house on top.
It was warm when we arrived and very quickly cooled off but we still sat out and watched the sun disappear behind the mountain.
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  1. We've seen a couple of those big RV's on the road and play a guessing game about how much they cost. Wow. We weren't even close.

  2. Well, I thought you'd NEVER get here! Welcome to Colorado. :) That motor home is incredible. I'm with Sam, Bob and I are always guessing how much those things cost. Now let's go see some Elk.

  3. You were that close and didn't look me up? Darn!

    Where are your travels taking you next?

  4. That is a BIG motor home. I'm shocked though at how big some of them are.. bigger than most apartments!! lol

  5. Glamour on wheels. We have often wondered how much those would Keep coming west, I will have dinner waiting!

  6. I miss parts of Colorado and always enjoy a good visit. Make sure to check out the KOA in Durango and visit the Indian Cliff Dwellings - awesome!

  7. Those RVs are a far cry from my parents' 13' travel trailer towed behind the station wagon, which was a huge upgrade from the tent - much of the time I didn't even get pneumonia from camping in the travel trailer like I did in the tent! I think your motor home is awfully nice, and I really can't imagine being willing to spring for half a million for an RV. I think you're doing it right.

  8. Larry, Those are some big RV homes on wheels... My former boss had one very similar to the big one you photographed with 2 'extensions'. You're girls look happy to be off the road! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. Welcome to CO! Pueblo's a neat town, hope you enjoyed yourself there. Did you see any of the Waldo Canyon burn mosaic on the front range as you drove thru Colorado SPrings? It's easier to see in the am hours when the sun shines on it. Enjoy your time in CO!

  10. You headed to Colorado on this trip, whereas we went north to Montana and Canada. Don't you just love it when you see mountains in the horizon?

    On to your next destination post!

  11. Wow your trip is bringing back nice memories for me. Back in 1991 I flew from NJ to Texas to go on a road trip with my Auntie and my grandfather Papaw. They shared wonderful stories of my dad growing up, some so funny that I had never heard before. Papaw's memory was so sharp that at one point on the trip he said "Robin around this curve we are going to go down a hill that will take us down 2000 feet in elevation" Sure enough he was right. Right there in the middle of no where! I have treasured the memories of that trip because how often does a girl get her auntie and grandpa all to herself? Looks like a fun time y'all are having!

  12. Such a great trip husband was raised near Pueblo, and I was born and raised further north, near Castle Rock, Colorado. I'm enjoying you photos so much!

  13. Half a mil for just the chassis? Ummm what can I get built on a school bus chassis? :)


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