Monday, September 17, 2012

Go West Old Man – Onward to Cheyenne, WY – 2012

Around 10am, we departed Rapid City for Cheyenne, Wyoming traveling non-interstate roads for two thirds of the trip.  The rolling landscape we’d been seeing was soon replaced by a craggier one in Wyoming – it seems to have been one elevation at some point with the lower levels due to erosion over the eons.  Perhaps it looked like the Badlands at some point.  It also seemed drier than South Dakota.  It was hazy but in some places it seemed as though you could see for a hundred miles.

It was a very windy trip and I had to keep the RV leaning into the wind for most of it.  We had one scare when we were hit with a strong gust that moved me half way over into the oncoming lane and it took me a couple of hundred feet to get back in my lane.  About 10 seconds later and I would have hit the oncoming traffic.  I dropped my speed and really kept it leaning into the wind after that.

About 100 miles east of Casper, WY, we encountered the smoke from a fire burning near there, but ran out of it once we headed a little farther south.

We arrived at AB Camping in Cheyenne about 4:30 and got set up.  It had very good ratings, was near stores and the interstate and only about five minutes from downtown.  I forgot to take pictures, but here is one from the web. 

I have yet to lower my awning on the trip and notice others don’t either.  Since there is no rain to protect from and wind gust to damage it, everyone just leaves them rolled up.

The campground owners are industrious and he likes to BBQ, so he has a little restaurant on site that that is open 3½  hours a day serving ribs, pulled pork, and brisket.  He draws customers from the community as well as the campground.
We had brisket and I thought it was right good – we got there too late for the ribs.  We had them the next night and they were good but with a very different flavor profile than mine.

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  1. Yikes about that wind. A sobering moment in the wrong lane.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Larry. I'm enjoying seeing parts of the country I have never visited. We get winds like that in the Columbia Gorge. It can be very scary at times.

  3. Working three hours a day serving BBQ sounds like my kind of job. If he is cooking brisket his day is a whole lot longer. Your trip sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. I love, love, love Wyoming. High winds are often a problem in the west. I guess the fires can easily get out of control. BBQ at the campsite - how awesome!

  5. Yup, that looks like Wyoming. The wind gusts there are legendary. There is an urban myth that the winds will roll a Suburban, according to my daughter's classmates, but we spoke to an accident reconstructionist in Cheyenne and he said no such incident had ever occurred in the Eastern half of the state. Your RV might be a different story, however, since it's so big. Did you get to the Terry Bison Ranch?

  6. Aaaahhh... those pictures bring me went through my old hood!! Ok, ok, not exactly my hood, but at least an area I am very familiar with! Love this post!!

  7. Larry, You're now in country that we haven't visited. We've never been around Casper or Cheyenne. Too bad that your visit came after one of the driest summers on record. Travel Safely! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  8. How could anyone have ribs as good as yours.

  9. It's that "western profile" of BBQ ;)


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