Monday, September 24, 2012

Go West Old Man – A Day In Durango, CO – 2012

Bev had found Oscar’s Restaurant online and decided we should go there for breakfast.  It was in a shopping center and just looked like any store

But it was very diner-like on the inside.

I had the Tio Omelet which was stuffed with diced roast pork chile verde

And Bev had her usual Southwest Breakfast Burro.

Both were very good and provided the next day’s breakfast as well.

On our way to Oscar’s, Bev noticed a farmers market a block away, so we hit it after breakfast.   It had a row of meat from local ranches, two rows of vegetables, and a row of crafts items.

The first thing we came to was the chile roasters - they were packaging them in a variety of bag sizes which worked well for us.

We ended up buying apples, corn, a yellow fleshed watermelon, a cantaloupe, fresh roasted green chiles (still hot), olive bread, Hayes Ranch red angus green chili brats, a small raspberry linzer pie, and some beef bones for the dogs.

We just happen to be in Durango for their annual two day Oktoberfest, so after getting the pups settled back at the RV, we headed to the blocked-off Main Street where Bev checked out the stores and I sampled the beer and watched the happenings.  The beer was provided by four local micro breweries - Steamworks Brewing, Carver Brewing, Durango Brewing, SKA Brewing.  I liked them all.

The dirty ole man shot - the outfits ran the full gambit of possibilities.

We finally settled at a table of locals who had all moved to the area from somewhere else to retire or live near family.  They were a great bunch of folks and I enjoyed spending a couple of hours with them - we even joined them for a little dancing.

I was having such a good time that it was half time before we got back to watch the UT/Florida football game – I missed the best half from UT’s standpoint as UF kind of mauled the Vols in the second half.

For supper, we used the items from the mornings FM and grilled the brats and corn, and added some roasted chiles to sautéed onions for a mighty fine camping meal.

It was a great day in Durango and I was stopped by three West Virginians at Oktoberfest – I was wearing the gold and blue.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


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  1. Well Goodness, you know how to find the "fun". I love how they've set up that Farmer's Market. Wish those ranchers would sell their meat at the Highlands Ranch FM. The meal you cooked looks fantastic Larry. And also like your omelet from the restaurant. Sounds good.

  2. What a wonderful adventure. The grilled dinner looks wonderful.

  3. What a great day!
    These are perfect days for me. Thanks for sharing.

    I went to UF and I am not sure I could manage listening to Rocky Top, too often. Glad to see Florida pulled it of. Go Gators!

    Happy Fall.


  4. Larry, Leave it to you to stumble on an Octoberfest celebration in Durango! Good timing for sure... Looks and sounds like you and Bev had a great time! Take Care and Travel Safely, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Sounds like a really fun day...maybe one of your best other than the game.

  6. Fun day! It's also cool that you got to meet up with a bunch of locals too, that's always fun. That grill is a good way to end the day. Looks in good shape for a park grill.

  7. Larry and Bev: It was really nice meeting you both and glad we had the opportunity to cross paths. Jay and I had a fun time and we have gone to the Durango Oktoberfest for the past few years. If you're every out this away and need a costume, let us know at Your Durango friends, Jay and Lea.


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