Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Go West Old Man –Cheyenne, WY – 2012

During our two days in Cheyenne, we spent the first morning and much of the second day downtown.  The first day we headed over to the Diamond Horseshoe for breakfast – a little hole-in-the-wall where the locals eat or just sit around and drink coffee. 
I had chip beef gravy on toast and Bev had this breakfast burrito with chorizo in the filling and green chile sauce on top.

Her sauce looked more like runny refried beans but it was so good we brought a pint home.  Afterward we just drove around Cheyenne to see what it was all about - typical street, state capital with sculpture honoring the cowboy, the Union Pacific railroad depot - now a museum and offices but a gorgeous building, and a western store.

With cattle barons and railroad and gold tycoons, Cheyenne had many mansions and this one is now a B&B.
We drove by a park with a steam engine and had to stop for a look and to let the dogs run loose awhile.  I’ve seen these monster locomotives in photos but never live and I’m glad we ran across it – huge.

The Big Boy is 132' feet long, weighs 1.2 million pounds, and has sixteen 68" drive wheels.  The size can really be appreciated with Bev standing beside it along with the 6' fence.

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  1. Love the photos, and love that burrito! I expect we'll see your version of that sauce soon!

  2. I love the Diamond Horseshoe. Everything from the blue building adorned with galloping horses to interior decor to the patrons enjoying coffee. Norman Rockwell couldn't have painted a better picture.

    And leave it to you to find a locomotive. It's huge! We were just talking about the Laramie coal trains and the money involved. You'll have to tell us if Big Boy is part of that history.

  3. I'm loving this trip we are taking with you out west... and that train.. I have loved trains since I was little kid!

  4. What memories I have of Dad loving chipped beef on toast! Haven't thought about that in a long time. There seem to be a number of towns that time has let stand still! Such fun to tour....

  5. My dad is a big train enthusiasist. He got to see the Big Boy going down the tracks thru NE Colorado on it's way to Cheyenne. He said it was absolutely amazing!! I've seen that one in Cheyenne, it is HUGE! Great shots! Wave hi to me if you go thru Colorado Springs :)

  6. The railroad depot seems to be rented out for events. It would be great if they had a museum in it. I do love Cheyenne, because it's so clean and nice, and the folks there have a live and let live attitude. Is that locomotive in Lions' Park? I know there's a transportation museum there, and it has everything from carraiges to cars. Lots of fun. Glad the pups got a chance to stretch their legs, too, and I'm glad you enjoyed a place I like so well.

  7. Larry, Nice little diner! Great photos of Cheyenne too... Spectacular depot and of course, photos of the 'big boys' always impress! Laurie and I definitely need to visit Cheyenne! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  8. That train is amazing! I can't even fathom the size. My boys would have been in heaven!

  9. I really enjoy SOS for breakfast:)

    Man that train is impressive. My dad's whole career was working for Atlantic Coast Railroad (aka Seaboard Coastline, CSX, etc) so I really appreciated that shot.


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