Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Matthew And Sophia

In the backyard of their new home in Elkridge, Md., Eric built a tree house for  his kids and did a great job with it.  Here they are up in it and on the swing - they play together very well.

While we were there, Sophia had to go get pictures made for her dance class and Eric took this one of her at home - she’s a little cutie.

Presentation Growth
When I looked at the photos in my post of two years ago (below), one thing really jumped out at me - the presentation.  Growing up, I didn't like my food to touch on the plate and I've always plated food that way to end up with this.

Now I would have moved the salsa and plantains toward the center until they touched and rested the chicken on them a little - or at least I would if I thought about it and didn't just operate by rote.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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Event dates 5/17 - 5/19/12


  1. I don't like my food to touch either! Thank goodness I am not the only one :) And that does make it hard to take really good photos sometimes :)

  2. Adorable grandchildren, Larry... Love the treehouse...

    I had a friend who would not only not allow her food to touch each other on her plate, but she would eat one thing at a time... GADS!

  3. Larry, Eric did a very nice job on that treehouse! I have a friend that freaks out if there are croutons on their salad. Others that don't like food touching and who eat one thing at a time... But, who am I to talk!? As quirky as my food dislikes are, I shouldn't even participate in this blogger discussion! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Sophia is a darling, but then, all of your grandchildren are beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

    And my food can't touch. It's the law.

  5. OK Loving your header. Bev looks fabulous sucking that mud bug. Can hardly wait for your post. Did you have any time to take pictures?

  6. I love my food to touch - isn't that weird. My presentation of food has changed over the last few years too. Your grandkids are darling & I love the header photo of Bev!

  7. I think both of your grandchildren are cuties. The tree house looks pretty special.

  8. Love that header photo. I'm thinking it needs to stay for a while. How does Bev like it?

    I'm fine with my foods touching now, but in the past, not so much. My food presentation has definitely changed over the past year or two. I now enjoy a pretty plate whether I'm snapping a picture of it or not.

    Looking forward to hearing about the BBQ! I'm sure you all had a blast.


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