Friday, August 12, 2011

Grilled Salmon & Such

We’ve used all but one package of the salmon we bought in Maine and when Kroger’s had fresh, wild caught, sockeye salmon for $8.99/#, we decided to stock up.  I’d decided to buy 6-8 filets but when I went to buy them I learned there were 10 in a box weighing 15#, so I bought the whole box and was pleasantly surprised to find they came from Copper River Seafood Co - on their website, including shipping, it's $20/# frozen.

I cut the bellies and tails from each filet, froze and vacuum bagged them for smoking and froze the trimmed filets individually and bagged in several different serving sizes.  For this meal it was to be just Bev and I so we thawed one nice sized filet for grilling.
Bev had picked some filet beans and wanted to have the Green Bean, Tomato, and Mozzarella Salad we’d had a couple of weeks ago along with some bruschetta using a piece of ciabatta bread we had on hand.  As it turns out, Pam, over at For The Love Of Cooking, recently posted a recipe for homemade olive tapenade and we had all of the ingredients, so we whipped up a batch.
For the salmon, I cut it into two servings, coated each side with olive oil, and added salt and pepper, then Bev's piece got her usual of Emeril’s Essence followed by melted butter while grilling.  For mine, I added some of the olive tapenade after flipping then cooked both pieces to an internal temp of 135*.
Bev made the bruschetta by slicing and toasting the ciabiatta bread, brushing on olive oil, adding sliced tomatoes that were smeared with a little mashed garlic,  spooning on some olive tapenade, and grating some parmesan cheese.  Here's my plate

I took a bite of the bruschetta and it was an instant OMG, this is awesome.  The bean salad was again very good as was the salmon with the tapenade, but both paled beside the bruschetta - next time she makes it, I may not have anything else.
Bill, over at MyWonderful Would posted a frittata the other day and I decided to start this day with one.  I just did my two egg version on the cooktop with a lid on the skillet then sided it with some thin sliced, quick cooked, country ham.
For lunch, it was another fried pepper sandwich - I guess Bev was serious about eating one every day.  It's a good thing I don't eat this way every day.
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  1. Beautiful! Our Whole Foods had the same sale and I have a freezer full. I'm so going to enjoy them over the weeks. That fritatta looks beautiful and delicious Larry.

  2. That salmon looks gorgeous! I wish I could find fish that wonderful here :) Both plates look delicious!

  3. The salmon looks perfect, Larry. Trev would devour it!

  4. I'm drooling! I admit it, I'm a salmon hoe - lol

    Larry they look fantastic!

  5. Those are some gorgeous salmon filets! That's my favorite fish on the grill. The bruschetta sounds fantastic.

  6. I saw Pam's olive tapenade. You certainly made wonderful use of it! I love it when a store has a great sale on something I love, so I can get enough to last a while. Nice meals, Larry.

  7. Yum.. Looks delicious.. I love salmon and bean salad. Looks like the perfect meal.

  8. What a lovely line up! I'm such a bruschetta fan and salmon . . .well, yum!

  9. Larry, That fritatta looks great...simple too. We both know what my better half thinks about that tapenade! I believe that she'd trade me in even up for a pint of it... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  10. Another meal that looks delicious. The bruschetta is a great idea and adding the tapenade to the salmon looks fantastic. I highly recommend trying the tapenade pork chops I made too - they were AMAZING.

    I am so glad you guys liked the tapenade and I also appreciate the shout out and link back to my site. Your friend Laurie left the sweetest comment about it. Thank you!


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