Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Creek Falls Day 2

Yesterday I posted about our first day at Fall Creek Falls State Park on our initial RV camping trip and this post will cover the rest of the trip.  I’d showed a shot of the falls and here is another view with the first one being a more normal flow (pic from the web) and the second as we saw it.

Here we all are back on day one at the falls overlook.

After our bike trip and a nap by the other three (I’m not a napper, I just go to bed early), for supper, Pat and Steve whipped up grilled cheeseburgers, baked beans, and potatoes cooked in foil and it was all delicious, really hitting the spot – this is mine, with the tomato a little ragged on this side.

Sunday for breakfast I fixed my favorite camping breakfast – sausage gravy and biscuits (baked at home and nuked to reheat), fried eggs, sausage, sliced tomatoes, and Bev cut up a delicious cantaloupe – can’t believe I forgot the pic – the aroma must have overwhelmed me.

After breakfast and sitting around the fire sipping coffee, we broke camp, toured the park in Pat and Steve’s RV, and checked out some other falls and the Caney Creek Gorge – this is Piney Falls, or it would have been with water - now it's just a wet spot.

Just back from Piney Falls

I did a little research but didn’t find anything about the gorge formation but it is very impressive even without the water falls.

This trip was a test of how we did with the RV and how the dogs did and we were very pleased with both.  We weren't concerned about Sweetie as she minds well and hangs around us, but Coco is more apt to bark at things and run off.  Happily she did very well and both seemed fine with being left in the camper for a few hours while we biked.

After the tour, we headed home with a stop-over at Chestnut Hill Winery, near Crossville, for a sample and a few bottles of, mostly muscadine, wine which we thought were very good.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. I've read both days of your maiden voyage and it looks like you are made for RVing. You both look rested and relaxed and having fun.

    I haven't ridden a bike since, well never mind. You've really chosen a beautiful area.

  2. We're heading to Estes Park in a couple of weeks for another Cabin vacation...Biscuits and Gravy were the first thing on my list for one of our breakfasts. And burgers are always a staple. Glad to hear the dogs did well. Beautiful park for the maiden voyage. And again, loved hearing all about it.

  3. Gorgeous scenery!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  4. Awesome!!! I think you guys are going to have a blast cruising/touring in your RV.


  5. Looks like a lot of fun! Great pics and that waterfall is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I am relaxed just reading this Larry!! What a wonderful lifestyle y'all have. You are truly blessed.

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  8. Hi Larry, Sounds like you all had a good time at FCF's.... Did you hike from the cascades (across the swinging bridge) to the main falls???? Great hike --and you get a great shot of Cane Creek Falls from that path... You cannot take bikes on that path though...

  9. Sounds like you are adapting to the home on wheels very well. The pictures of the gorge are "gorgeous"! (ha ha, bad joke I know but they really are pretty)


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