Sunday, July 3, 2011

Leftover Fish From Tacos

Our Christmas Eve dinner in 2010 was fish tacos because we wanted to try them out on our son, Rhett, and since he is here now and wanted to eat fish we whipped up another batch.  For these, we again used the sauce recipe from Vickie over at Montana, Part Three, and the batter recipe from, but we had no guacamole this time and we used Robyn’s fire roasted salsa leftover from the blogger party in lieu of pico de gallo.

Last time we made these, Bev made the tortillas but they were only 6” ones, which didn’t work so well, so we bought a larger 8” press - homemade ones are so much better than store bought.  If you want more info on the tacos, please click on the fish taco link above.

Since we had 4 small pieces of fish left over, I decided to use them for breakfast and reheated them in the toaster oven until the crust was crisp.  In the meantime, I topped a couple of the tortillas with the fire roasted salsa and nuked for a minute and fried up an egg.

When the fish came out, I added some shredded cheese, the egg, and some chopped chives.
Not a bad way to kick off a big day of barbecuing.

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  1. Have an enjoyable fourth with your family.

  2. I have to buy a tortilla press. it has been on my shopping list for a year or more.

    I'm torn on size, I would think the 6" would be most useful but if you had to buy a second one for the 8", makes me wonder.

    Can you make a 6" one on the 8" press by just using a smaller ball or does it not work that way?

  3. Oh, what a wonderful breakfast - I guess Rhett wasn't up yet to challenge you for some.

    So good to see Rhett relaxing after his time in Afghanistan, I send best wishesd to Rhett and his family for their move for his next role in the military (and so very good to see his skills, knowledge and talent recognised so very much by the Military ("top brass")

  4. Wow, is there any breakfast a fried egg doesn't improve? I've never thought to add one to a fish taco but...what the heck, it looks delicious.

  5. Another good meal created-Love it.


  6. Those look wonderfully appetizing. I am a big fan of fish tacos and would have loved to have joined you at the table. I hope you, Bev and family have a wonderful holiday. Blessings...Mary

  7. I'm so flattered that you chose my sauce again - and thanks for the shout out! I have to tell you the egg on the fish was new to me, but why the heck not? :P

  8. Larry, You are such a gourmet when it comes to breakfast! A little of this and some of that...interesting combos that satisfy. I'll have to start thinking outside the box more! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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