Monday, May 23, 2011

New England Day 4 – No Big Plans

We talked about several options such as a drive around the area North of here, driving up Mt. Washington, going back to North Conway, etc. So we had a little breakfast, which was for me a couple of fried eggs atop some leftover fried potatoes we’d brought from WV.  We also decided a Bloody Mary would be good and while I usually put horseradish, celery salt, lemon, and olives in mine, we went with what we had – they were still right good.

So about 2:30pm, I woke Bev up from her nap, we got out of our bathrobes and walked the trail from the resort through the woods to the Saco River. After going hard for 6 days, an easy day hit the spot and got us ready for the final two days here and the long two day drive back to Almost Heaven South.

The trail, which turned out to be over a mile, wound around thru a beautiful wooded area and along the river – it’s a cross country ski trail in winter and can be even longer than we went. It’s a nice trail with many features such as a fishing pond and bear description.

It’s also a fitness trail with workout stations along the way.

It had a nice area for a picnic and swimming,

So long as you didn’t stray out too far as the water out around the gravel bar was really moving.  Here are a few shots of the river including a dad and kids rock hunting on the gravel bar.

We are in Birch woodlands as shown by this pretty clump – we’ve seen some places that are all Birch – like the western Aspens.

And for those who complain about those ugly cell towers, there is always this option - turn it into a tree.

After the walk, we got cleaned up and went to dinner at the nearby Red Parka Pub, where we shared a bowl of good clam chowder and I had baked haddock, which was also good, and Bev had stuffed shrimp which were just okay.

Then we went up in the mountains at dusk on a moose hunt but came back empty handed – fortunately we saw one on our way in the first night.

Finally, it was back to the resort and off to the hot tub – Bev’s a fan but it was way too hot for me so I drank wine while she boiled herself - I could have cooked a lobster in there.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. After reading about this wonderful day, I'm feeling entirely too relaxed to jump out of bed and get geared up for a work day.

  2. Gorgeous pictures...I wish I was there right now!!

  3. I like the cell tower tree thing, and the picture of Bev with the bear is just funny. And you can tell her that I would have been boiling in the hot tub with her, too. You fuddy duddys can miss out on the fun!

  4. Sounds as though you are having an amazing trip!

  5. Hi Larry, I would love that hike.. That's my kind of fun... Your dinner sounds wonderful also...Love the Clam Chowder up there...

    We went to the Smokies today and went into Cades Cove and over the mountains on the Parson's Branch Road... Some great waterfalls back in the mountains--but the road was full of ruts.... Came out on the Tail of the Dragon and then came home through Maryville. It was a great day. Will blog about it soon.

  6. I keep trying to comment, but it won't go through! I loved that cell phone tower and the workout trail. And I would have enjoyed a post-hike simmer, too!

  7. You're a master gardener, any tips for growing a cell tower tree? ha ha

    Looks like a fun trip, I like that trail. If they wanted to make it a REAL workout, they'd add live bears instead of wood ones.

  8. I'm like Bev . . . I like a hot tub really hot too! But when we were in Hawaii one day the hot tub was 107 and both my husband and I jumped right back OUT! It was just way TOO hot!


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