Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little Trip To Rutledge, Tn & Blogger Party

I ran out of drip tape for irrigating my garden and had to make a little trip up to Rutledge, TN where the Farmers Coop stocks row crop supplies for the local Grainger County tomato growers (mostly cattle and field crops around here). Grainger County tomatoes are very famous and popular around here.

Our friend Kathy went with us and it became a mini-day trip including lunch at the local Down Home Restaurant, where I ordered one of the specials.

The sides weren't very good - oven roasted canned potatoes and barely warm fried frozen okra - but the entree was real good. It was a slice of bread, burger patty (buried), mashed potatoes, and brown gravy. It was serious comfort food that I'll be trying at home sometime.

When I got home I discovered I had 1000' foot roll of drip tape so I may be good til I die, but it was a nice day anyway.

Double click on the above for details of our upcoming blogger party. We discovered that we scheduled it for Father's Day, but decided to proceed - treat Dad to a day trip to Almost Heaven South. Several folks have already committed, but I'd like to hear from everyone by June 1 who plans to attend - email We want to be sure we have plenty of food, but don't want to overbuy.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. That sure looks like one heck of a buried sandwich that you ordered there! Hope the weather cooperates, make sure you bring warm clothes! I'd even pack a pair of lightweight gloves - no kidding. It can get pretty cool here!

  2. When I was in high school I worked at this restaurant that served a meal similar to that. Though when the servers would make it after all the customers were gone, we'd put french fries on it instead of the mashed potatoes....mmmmmmm.. it was soooo good!!!

  3. Larry, believe it or not... Jackie and I are seriously considering attending. Can not commit yet, as it is just a week after the wedding of the century (in our world), and I am not sure how the budget would be.

    We are about 60%/40% right now... What town is your corner of heaven in??? Close to Memphis, Knoxville or Johnson City

  4. Hi Larry, Can't wait to get some Grainger County tomatoes. We love them!!!! BUT--I read that they may have a mold problem this year, so who knows if we'll get many... We certainly didn't get many of them last year... Darn!!!!

    We'll be out west (going to the Grand Canyon in June) during the Bloggers Get-together... Sorry we'll miss another one.

  5. Do they not have drip tape at the Blount Farmers Coop? I am surprised, because I always find them well stocked. Oh, well, at least you got a nice burger out of the trip.

    We went to Rutledge once, to look at huge earthmoving equipment. It was quite a trip.

  6. LOL - I suppose there are worse things to come home and discover. :)

  7. I thought frozen fried okra was illegal in the south:)


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