Monday, May 16, 2011

The Conway Scenic Railroad

As long as I can remember, I’ve been a railfan and Bev often asked me why – why do I like being stopped at a crossing while a train passes by? Why do I like driving by the classification yard in Knoxville when in the area? Why do I like excursion trains or model RR exhibits?

Maybe it’s because my best friends Dad was an engineer for the B&O or that we hung around the roundhouse in our community or that we went through the major rail center of Grafton, WV (home of first Mother’s Day), all back in the days of steam engines. Maybe it’s because toy trains were big in my youth and I had one, but I really just don’t know.

What I do know is that as we were driving thru North Conway during our New England trip and I looked to the right, saw RR equipment, and immediately made a right turn into their parking lot.

As it turned out we were at the home base of the Conway Scenic Railroad which runs excursions in the area. We checked it out but this time of year, the trips are short and unimpressive, so we passed. But I was impressed with their stuff.

They occupy the station and yard of a former Boston and Maine RR location ad have the most rolling stock and motive power of any scenic RR I’ve seen – you’d love this Dave. First here is a shot of the station and other buildings which includes a functioning roundhouse with turntable for maintaining their equipment.

Most of their power is diesel, but they have one operating steam loco and several yet to be restored diesel pieces.

On this day, with the low traffic of the off season, they were operating a Budd Car which looks like a normal passenger car but it has a diesel engine that makes it self propelled.

Had they been running up to Bretton Woods and the Mt Washington Hotel I would have definitely bought tickets just to see the scenery as it winds up the Crawford Notch Gorge.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. I love trains. There is something so quaint and old-fashioned about them.

  2. Excellent post, Larry. When I was a child I often went to California by train and always thought it was a great adventury. This has brought back some nice memories.

  3. I love hearing trains in the distance at night. Always enjoy being the first car stopped at the tracks. But don't make me go to a train museum... :-)

  4. I love trains...they are such a lost form of transportation and beauty. There is a train museum out here that you would LOVE!

  5. I too love trains! I would love to ride one across the country or throughout Europe - how fun would that be?

  6. OH how neat, Larry. I love trains also--especially the steam engine ones.... I grew up in the mountains of Virginia --and my Dad worked for the Interstate Railroad. He would take me to work with him on occasion and I'd get to ride on the trains when they would go back and forth to the yards. SO much fun...

    As a family, way back when, we got free passes to travel via train. SO--we did just that.... I remember when we went to CA when I was about 8 yrs. old ---on the train... Wonderful!!!

  7. So if I ever hear of you going waaaay north, I should remind you to go to Steamtown, about 10 miles south of me? They have some absolutely wonderful trains. It looks like you found some great ones there, too.

  8. Larry, You Know that I'm into trains! You've given me another place to visit and photograph on one of our trips. We lived in New England in 1986-87, but somehow we missed this place. Nice Photos! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. That is such a beautiful area of the country. My Mom was born in Conway and we spent summers there when I was very young. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...MAry

  10. My own Honey would love Conway! He is a master builder of the tiny trains, but loves the big ones too!

  11. Growing up, I always enjoyed looking at the graffiti on a passing train . . . still do. Like a moving art show. The round house looks very cool. There is a nice little Amtrak trip around Glacier Park that leaves out of Whitefish. I'm just sayin.


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