Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Pan Potatoes and Eggs & My Bloody Mary

Pretty nice view from the front porch.

With Bev on vacation, I’m not only my own cook, but also the chief bottle washer. Necessity being the mother of invention that it is and my having plenty to do without creating more dishes to wash, this was a one pan breakfast meal. I used a lid to help the egg top cook.

The egg white bound everything together, so I just slid the whole thing onto a plate.

I cut it all up together and it was very tasty.

Seems as though I’ve been posting more drinks lately – not sure if I’m drinking more or just talking about it more. There are probably as many Bloody Mary recipes as there are professional and home bartenders and of course I have mine, developed over thousands of trials. After trying the Cajun version posted by Velva the other day over at Tomatoes On The Vine, I’m really interested in what other sorta-out-there versions exit.

Mine’s pretty basic but very tasty. I start by mixing a large container (64oz) of Mrs T’s Bloody Mary Mix (regular) with a large container (about 32oz) of Clamato juice. To my glass, I add 2oz vodka, couple of shakes of celery salt, wedge of lemon - squeezed, 3 olives with a little juice, about ¼ tsp of Tabasco habanero sauce (or your favorite), about ¾ tsp of horseradish, and fill with the juice mix. Stir and enjoy.

I don’t actually measure anything but the vodka and obviously, all ingredients can be adjusted for personal taste.

There will be several more posts with the old camera as I'm not allowing myself access to the new one until I get my taxes done.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. When I retire can I come live with you?

  2. I'm with Pam...I'll even do dishes.

  3. I love your breakfast posts! They always look so delicious!
    I like the idea of rewarding yourself for getting your taxes done...good incentive :)

  4. You've given us another great way to start the day. You can never get too much tomato juice :-). It's great to see you take vegetables seriously. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. I want your breakfasts, too.

  6. What a great way to start the day Larry.

  7. I used to cook something similar for dinner one night a week. Kind of cleaned out my refrigerator and it was delicious to boot!

  8. Big Dude, I love breakfast (or any meal for that matter!) like this one. Tennessee would be fun to visit!

  9. Bloody Mary's are my favorite - yours sounds fantastic. I am loving your one pan breakfast... it's my kind of meal.

  10. Better than my husband who if I were away, would be eating a lot more fast food!

    What a nice view from your porch. I especially envy all of the land you have around you. As I am home all the time now, I'm finding a desire to ditch this neighborhood & find me some land.

    I love a good Bloody Mary too. Mine is pretty basic - I start with V8 add fresh lime or lemon, cajun seasoning, worcestershire, hot sauce & citrus vodka. Yum!

  11. Nice trick about using the lid to help cook the egg from the top too. I resort to that for sunny side up.

  12. I'm beginning to think you have a drinking problem, Larry. :) (just teasing of course)


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