Sunday, March 6, 2011

Leftovers From The Prime Rib Dinner

You may not know this, but I like leftovers and we had rolls and a nice piece of prime rib remaining from our dinner party, so I began working on them the next day.

For breakfast, the leftover I used was the rolls. To match up with the sausage length, I selected two that were still connected.

I cut them in half top to bottom to make the slices thinner.  It was still a lot of bread, but Bev's rolls are so good, I had to do it like this. Put a little mayo on each slice.

Then top with some heated up homemade, smoked, Polish sausage from Razzleberry’s and a scrambled egg.

It made for a pretty good looking and excellent tasting breakfast sandwich.

Once again, I bit off more than I could chew, so I ate half for breakfast and the other half for lunch.

The next day my buddy Joe came over to cure my computer of a virus (don't worry, I didn't send out anything) and I promised him a good lunch.  It's just a piece of homemade muffuletta roll topped with au jus, a few pieces of thin sliced prime rib reheated in the au jus, and topped with more au jus.  It didn't make much of a picture, but it was outstanding.

I mentioned in the dinner party post that I got the jus too salty using beef base, so I decided to try again using 1 1/2 tsp in a pint of water and it was just right for me - I believe I used twice that much base before.  So my recipe for simple au jus now is:

1 qt water, boiling
1 tbsp beef base
1 light shake granulated garlic
1 shake worstershire sauce
¼ bay leaf
3 tbsp butter

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  1. Sure do like the looks of that breakfast sandwich. I'm so impressed with Bev's breadmaking skills. I'm trying cinnamon rolls this a.m. 2nd attempt, 1st was a big flop.

  2. Both of these sandwiches look absolutely delicious! And bev's rolls...I'm so enamored.

  3. Larry, I wish I'd thought of using those 'leftover' rolls of Bev's like you did! That is a terrific looking breakfast sandwich... Still, we did wrap 3 of them in damp papertowels and then zapped them for about a minute, and then slathered them in butter! Then we ate them with 10 of your chicken wings, (yum!) and a big salad last night. Those yeast rolls were just as good as they'd been 5 nights earlier! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Those rolls look wonderful. Both of these sandwiches look delicious and I'd love to have one or both of them. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  5. I love the sandwiches you come up with!! They always look so wonderful!! Thanks for the update on the au jus too!!

  6. As usual you've been cooking up a storm over here & you've been on a roll with those oysters! Loving that!! Have a beautiful Sunday.

  7. Looks like a great breakfast (and lunch), Larry....

    Are you cold over there today? We had rain ALL day yesterday --and then woke up to some snow on the ground today.. AND--it's cold out there today!!!!!!

  8. That breakfast sandwich looks good, but we've discussed my love of steak and roast beef sandwiches and I'm dying for one after seeing your photo. Yum!


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