Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BBQ Brisket Hash

The header photo is a rarity as Sweetie and Coco are generally too competetive to share the chair.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines hash as “A dish of chopped meat, potatoes, and sometimes vegetables, usually browned.”  Mom never made what most folks call hash and the dish she did call hash was the 4th meal from a pot roast and consisted of roast, onions, and potatoes in a soupy broth – I’ve discussed this before. So, you can imagine my surprise the first time I had corned beef hash in a restaurant and it was not soupy. One thing I’ve noticed in most of the hash I’ve ordered is that it contains parboiled potatoes – and I think I’ve always made it that way.

So for this meal, I decided to change that and use raw potatoes, sautéed with peppers and onions, with the brisket added near the end to warm it up. I froze most of the brisket for use around Christmas, but I wacked off a few slices to dice up for this meal. I cooked the potatoes for a while before adding the other items and used a 12” skillet for maximum surface contact, as my goal was to have the potatoes be somewhat crispy brown – I guess that would be caramelized in chef-speak. When the potatoes were about half done, I added the onions and a few minutes later, the pepper and brisket. I added only S&P and allowed the brisket to provide the flavors. Ready to plate.

I always like runny yolked eggs on top of my breakfast taters and discovered a bonus this morning – an extra yolk left all alone in the fridge - I fried them sunny side up in a little olive oil.

Since I had a higher percentage of veggies to meat, this might more accurarely be called fried potatoes, with brisket, onion, and peppers, but whatever it's called, it was delicious - maybe as good as corned beef hash.

This was Saturday morning's breakfast and a fine way to prepare for a hard day of college football watching. 

We're having some high in the 30's kind of weather and I built my first fire on Sunday.  Remember the Bradford Pear that provided me with so much tree cutting fun during the heat of the summer, revenge is mine - it burns well.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting Almost Heaven South.



  1. Wow Larry! That looks great! Love the bbq touch!

  2. I love the new header :)
    Ok...I'm coming to live with you..hope you and Bev don't mind!! I want that plate right now... it looks wonderful! (I love runny yolks...mmmmmmmmmm)

  3. I agree, you need your energy for that arm chair college quarterbacking. Speaking of what mom's call what, you should see what my mom made and called it goulash. Someday I'll blog about it. I do believe I made a mistake, that little white dog isn't a seriel killer at's that little brown one! :-) Great photo. It must be just cold enough for them to hesitantly tolerate this moment.

  4. Beautiful dish, Larry. This is how I make "hash" - sometimes with ground meat and boy is it popular around here. Love the shot of the dogs. Mine are the same about sharing a sleeping spot. :)

  5. I really need to make a brisket so that I can eat the leftovers for days and days on end. A hash sounds just perfect for such purposes.

  6. Hey, I just named my new kitty cat CoCo!

    Also, I'm keeping a list of your breakfast dishes that I want to eat. I believe I'm up to 24.

  7. I love hash! It sounds like just the right thing before a hard day's football watching. That said, your 4 footed friends are adorable, and Thor is glad you gave them the spotlight for a few days.

  8. Hi Larry, Love the header.... You are doing a good job of keeping them warm in this bitter weather. It was about 13 this morning and never got out of the mid 20's all day long.... AND we too are enjoying our fireplace this week...

    That hash looks incredible.... YUM...

  9. Oh that looks good. And I don't even have to get outside in the cold and dig out the grill.

  10. I would love this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It looks great!

  11. I don't think I've ever done anything except the parboiled potatoes, even when I shred them for hash.

    I haven't even started using the bradford pear yet but the peach has been exceptional!


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