Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Toe Surgery

After two knee and two hip replacements over the past seven years, you may be thinking “this guy must like to have surgery,” but I assure you this is not the case.  Arthritis destroyed the soft tissue in my knee and hip joints and I have a hereditary issue that has caused the three middle toes on each foot to dislocate toward my little toes.  As a result, I can only wear sandals without pain and a pair of very wide SAS shoes for a few hours without pain.  Here is the x-ray and you can see the screws in my left foot from a failed first surgery.  I know, I have ugly feet.

After some serious research, I made an appointment with the doctor who seems to be the best foot surgeon in the area and when I told her, I expected to live for awhile and did not want my toes to hamper my behavior or require me to try and find special shoes she said she could accomplish that.  The downside is that it will require six weeks of no weight on the foot for recovery so we will do the left foot at 7:30am tomorrow and the right one about four months later.

From a timing standpoint, this should allow me to participate in our RV rallies in Sep & Oct and the girls to make their annual trip to Marco between the two surgeries.

In preparation, I have raised my chair several inches and blocked the rocker function (a little Rube Goldberg engineering) and I bought a 5" commode seat extension so I can stand up on one leg from both.

I’ve been practicing using Cindy’s knee scooter to get around the house and getting in and out of bed.

I have to use crutches to get into the shower which is the hardest part for a guy my size who hasn't been on them in 50 years.

It’s hard to imagine doing this for six weeks at a time and giving up three months of life to this event but if I don’t, I will be severely limited for the rest of my days, which I do not want.  I’m hopeful these will be my last hospital visits for a very, very long time.

Bev and Cindy will be taking over the cooking so we’ll just have to see what I have to blog about while laid up but I’m sure it won’t be about the TV shows I’ve been watching and the meals will likely be simpler and healthier.

I still have several posts in the queue but I believe you’ll know when they end.

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  1. You may get a few visits from a certain curly girl to help pass the time. Maybe she could go to a couple of those rallies with you in the fall!

    We’re hoping everything goes well tomorrow and the following weeks. We’re also hoping I don’t have this particular gene. No fun!

  2. Larry, Wow! Another attempt to pass me in the number of surgeries incurred... Seriously, if this surgeon can fix your feet to make life and movement easier, that will be a great improvement in your comfort and life style. Laurie and I are wishing you the best! I could have loaned you a large chair base to increase the height of your chair as Charlie S. made one for me for my first hip replacement. I also have a commode booster seat... Keep us posted! Take Care, Dave and Laurie

  3. Best of luck and many prayers for a successful surgery ahead

  4. Darn, I'm sorry to hear that but I'm glad this will help you hopefully be pain free & mobile for the rest of your life! Sending good thoughts your way.

  5. I'm sure hoping this surgery will give you the relief you need. I spent four months in a cast for my ankle with no weight on it allowed. Showers were definitely the worst. Jim put a plastic chair in the shower so I could sit. Praying for greatcresults.


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