Monday, July 18, 2022

Grilled Salmon From Alaska, Taste Test, and Salmon Breakfast

A couple of weeks ago, we made low country boil for an past co-worker we hadn’t seen in a long time and he brought us some Coho salmon from his recent fishing trip to Alaska – he brought back 100 lbs. of mixed fish.  Coho is also known as Silver Salmon and is one of five varieties found in Alaskan waters with the others being Chinook (King), Sockeye, Chum (Keta), and Pink (Humpback), which is the most abundant.  To package, they cut the salmon flesh, folded it in half and sealed it in plastic.

Since Bev had a couple of mangos that needed to be used, we opted to make some mango salsa as we had really enjoyed it a couple of years ago  with salmon.

We discussed several possibilities for side dishes that go with salmon but then we decided it didn’t matter if they matched so we boiled some fresh local corn and sliced some cucumbers and tomatoes.

Since we have four pieces of fish but five diners, we decided to buy a piece of farm raised salmon from Food city and conduct a taste test - big color difference

I used my old go-to recipe for grilling the salmon which is to dry both sides of the fish and brush the skin with oil.  The flesh side gets seasoned with S&P then a coating of mayo. 

Grill over medium heat, skin side down for a minute or so until the flesh will be released from the skin. Then flip, remove the skin and give this side the same S&P and mayo treatment.  After a couple minutes of cooking flip again and cook to desired doneness – 130F internal for my guests – 125F for me.

This is my plate with a piece of each - can you tell I like the salsa?


And for the taste test results – while the farm raised version wasn’t bad, the wild caught Coho had much more flavor and was delicious plus the mango salsa was a great compliment to it.

And for the breakfast the next morning, I chopped up a piece of asparagus from the garden and sautéed it then added some chopped leftover salmon to reheat.

Poured in two beaten large eggs and some shredded cheddar and scrambled into large curds.

Plated and topped with the mango salsa for a super delicious meal – even better than supper and I may grill some more salmon just to use for breakfast.

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  1. this looks fabulous and we love Salmon nice job on this

  2. Larry, Great looking dinner and, no surprise, a breakfast to follow! Like the salmon with asparagus, eggs and cheese. That salmon direct from Alaska looks amazing... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. I love salmon with mango salsa but I would never have thought to try the mango salsa with the scramble. Yum.

  4. If it ever cools down so I can grill again, I'll try that mayo treatment for salmon. And I'm jealous of that sweet corn. Maybe this next week at Farmer's Market, we'll finally have Colorado Sweet Corn.


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