Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Texas Kids Annual Visit – Part 2

Each of the guest couples had decided to make at least one meal during the week and so far Katelyn & Xavier have made meatloaf and Lauren & Jackson made the stir fry, but I got no pics of either one.  However, when Jennafer & Chase (a Californian), made Loco Moco (Hawaiian) for breakfast, pics were definitely required.  I had never heard of the dish or even the concept but it begins with a bed of rice (or leftover fried potatoes for Bev & I) topped with a cream cheese stuffed grilled burger, scrambled or fried egg and all topped with brown gravy – gravy on burger for fried egg like this web shot.

This is my plate.

It was delicious from the first bite but got even better when I hit the cream cheese at the second bite.

Supper that night was meatloaf sandwiches on Bev’s homemade burger buns or bread, or others leftovers of their choice.

I had cooked up a bunch of sausage and bacon and stocked up on eggs before their arrival so Sunday breakfast was those items along with pancakes ala Xavier with choice of chocolate chips and berries.

Sunday night’s activities are in the next post.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them and the blue words are links.

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6/5 - 6/6/21 event dates


  1. Yum! My kind of breakfast!!!

  2. Larry, I've heard of loco moco and saw it on a couple of Hawaiian diner's menus but I opted for the Spam and rice instead. Sounds like I missed an opportunity! Laurie wouldn't like this one...but I would! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Man--you guys are eating so well!! Loco Moco is my favorite thing to order when I go to a Hawaiian restaurant. YUM!


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