Friday, April 17, 2020

Easter Dinner Ala Cindy And Happy Hour

With rain all day and severe storms that night, it sure wasn’t your classic beautiful Easter Sunday, but we couldn’t go anywhere so it didn’t affect us much.

As the devout Catholic in the house, Cindy has always considered Easter dinner a very special meal and she wanted to do the cooking.  Her menu was based on what we had on hand and was to be ham, potatoes, salad, homemade bread, and dessert.  Cindy at work in our messy kitchen.

The only ham we had was Food City’s brand and I offered to jazz it up for her by giving it a quick cook on the grill and adding a glaze to the top to make it a little like a honey baked ham. 

The glaze recipe came from a McCormick website and I scaled the amounts down for our small use. 

Honey Brown Sugar Ham GlazeAdapted from McCormick

¼ cup honey
1/8 cup firmly packed brown sugar
¼ teaspoon McCormick® Ginger, Ground
¼ teaspoon McCormick® Mustard, Ground
1/8 teaspoon McCormick® Cinnamon, Ground

Mix everything together and warm it a little when ready to use.

I cooked the ham over med-low heat so the center could get hot without overcooking the outside then after flipping I brushed on a coat of the glaze.

During her last store run, Cindy had bought some small potatoes to have on hand and for this meal she turned them into parsley potatoes.

This is a shot of the table including Cindy’s pretty bouquet of flowers from around our place- she is a good flower arranger and we usually have a couple of bouquets sitting around.

The girls before we dug in.

This is my plate plus a shot of each item.

We ended the meal with delicious Ghirardelli Chocolate Cake topped with chocolate ganache and whipped cream.

Everything Cindy made for the meal was very good, in spite of my best efforts, the ham was still just mediocre.  I'm confident the result would have been very different had I been able to buy our go-to Kentucky Legends Ham.

The leftover ham did work pretty well the next morning along with some asparagus.

Happy Hour
A week or so ago, we decided it might be nice to sit down together for an hour everyday and just visit with each other.  So we make it a priority at 4:30 pm each day for the three of us and usually Pat to gather on the patio or in the sunroom with our favorite adult beverage and talk about stuff – the status of Covid-19, what we saw on our walks today, our friends, meal plans, etc.  At 5:30, we quit and make dinner to eat around 6pm and we’ve found we all really enjoy it.  I’m confident this will continue well past our shut-in days.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them and the blue words are links.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


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  1. every single photo made my mouth water great job on that ham gorgeous table setting too!

  2. Larry, Great job Cindy re: Easter dinner. Very traditional indeed! Its been forever since we've had ham with a sweet glaze and accompanied with pineapple rings... The table setting was very attractive and the ladies looked very becoming! That cake is probably against the law in some places...Wow! The happy hour idea is very smart and will help everyone in these trying times. Laurie and i have our 'happy hours' in the morning for about 2 hours and in the evening for about 3 hours...but they're not as formalized and proper as yours. Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave & Laurie

  3. It looks like a wonderful Easter meal and the ladies all look so pretty. I'm glad you are having your afternoon happy hour together. Once a week, we've been doing a video happy hour with our best friends who live in Colorado--it's been fun!

  4. The grilled pineapple had my mouth watering. Parsley potatoes might be on the menu tonight.

  5. Delicious looking meal, love that cake! Happy Hour everyday at 5:00 here. I heard on the radio this morning that the sale of all alcoholic beverages has skyrocketed since the lockdown, something like 58%! Those flowers are gorgeous!

  6. First of all that Easter meal looks delicious. And it looks like Bev even made her homemade bread? And I love that you even had cherries on hand. Bob and I have been doing the same thing. At 4:00 we sit on our balcony with our glass of wine and chat about the state of affairs. We've really been enjoying it and yes, it will continue for us also. It's fun sitting up there and visiting with the neighbors as they walk their dogs -- and they've even gotten in the habit of looking for us up there. :)


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