Saturday, January 5, 2019

Surprise - Very Good Italian In Townsend, TN

One of my jobs in our FMCA RV club is to plan our June rally and since I have a fondness for the quiet side of the Smokies (other side is Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge), I wanted to check out campgrounds in Walland and Townsend, TN.  So we decided to make it a day trip, including lunch, and with a recommendation from a campground owner, we headed for Brianna’s Italian Restaurant and Cuisine.

I was raised on real deal Italian food and am a real snob about the cuisine (I don’t go to chain Italian restaurants) so I was hopeful based upon the good recommendation. 

The small restaurant is located at one end of a small strip mall and has a 6-8 seat counter, two six person tables and about a half dozen booths.

We got there about 1:15 and were the only customers – while very busy in the summer, Townsend is pretty dead in the winter and this was one of only 3-4 open restaurants.  Our waitress came quickly and I was encouraged to learn she grew up on Italian food from her first generation Italian-American grandparents and she thought Brianna’s food was very good and I was further encouraged to learn the owners were just second generation Italian-Americans.

At $19.95, Bev ordered a large Danny’s Deluxe pizza (sausage, pepperoni, beef, green pepper, onion, mushrooms) so we would have plenty of leftovers for breakfast the next morning – a favorite of ours.

It was very good with a nice crispy crust and plenty of toppings.

Our friend Joe had gone with us and he ordered spaghetti and meatballs ($11.45) and said it was very good.

I ordered the Trio Special ($15.95) which included lasagna, a stuffed shell, and ravioli (with choice of stuffings).  It came with butter and garlic topped rolls and a tossed salad with good Italian dressing.

For me, most Italian food is all about the tomato sauce and this was the real deal – you know it’s fresh when the sauce for Alfredo dishes is made for each order.  I thought my meal was excellent and I would make the hour drive just to eat at Brianna's - I will also plan to take our rally group there.

Check the menu here - the prices seemed about right for a tourist town.

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  1. Oh my that sure looks like some very tasty real Italian food you enjoyed. Making me hungry.

  2. Larry, Thanks for the restaurant tip! We both love good Italian cuisine. This restaurant is apparently occupying a spot that has been the venue for at least 2 other dining options. Hopefully, this one will stick! We'll drive out there and support them soon during this off season! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Fabulous! That pizza looks incredible, as does everything else. And coming from you, that's quite the recommendation!

  4. The pizza looked like it had a great crust...very important for me.

  5. I'm absolutely drooling over these gorgeous dishes. Sounds like a great place :)

  6. My boys are with you on pizza for breakfast. Me, not so much. Glad you found a new place to eat!

  7. Real deal Italian places are the best - all of the food looks amazing.

  8. It's hard to beat good Italian food and this all really looks delicious. Definitely looks like they were generous with the pizza toppings.


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