Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019’s First Meal – French (Toast) Cake

Happy New Year To Everyone

We had most of a cake left from our Christmas meal and Bev came up with the idea of cooking it like French Toast and I decided to call it French Cake.  The cake was provided by friend Kathy but we were not working through it quickly and this seemed like a good way to utilize it.

We still had this much cake and plenty of batter left so we soaked the cake slices and froze them for future use.

For the batter, Bev used the recipe from Tyler Florence for French Toast Roast With Bananas and Walnuts but it makes way more than we needed - about 1/3 recipe would have been right for the still moist cake, which only got about 30 seconds of soak time.

We cooked them on our griddle in a little butter then topped with sautéed bananas & chopped pecans, maple syrup, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup - we forgot the powdered sugar but it sure didn’t need it.  This is Cindy’s and Bev’s.

It was outstanding, a big hit with the ladies (who are all French Toast Lovers), a super good way to use the cake, and a fine meal to begin the year.  So if you ever have some cake (or banana bread, nut bread, etc) that you need to use, you might want to consider this and let cake dryness determine soak time in the batter.

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  1. Larry, WOW! Now that's a really special French Toast recipe! It's like a decadent dessert for breakfast... Great idea! Hope ya'll are having a great January 1st! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. Wow that looks one very tasty easy to begin the new Year. Happy new years guys.

  3. That's a genius idea! Happy New Year!

  4. It looks decadent and so delicious!

  5. Hi Larry!
    What a crazy good way to enjoy French toast. I am with the ladies. Love a good French toast.

    Happy New Year to you and Bev.



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