Saturday, January 26, 2019

Southwestern RV Trip – Days 10&11 – San Antonio

On Saturday, we had two different plans, Pat went out to lunch with her brother and his girl friend and Bev and I went to Keith’s with Kathy where we enjoyed some of his delicious baby back ribs, a few adult beverages and great conversation.  Forgot the camera.  Pat said she enjoyed her fajitas at Lupe Tortilla, which is a chain in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Then on Sunday morning, Bev wanted to go to a nearby Mexican restaurant for breakfast and when we pulled in to the nearly full parking lot, we thought we might be in the right place.  The El Rodeo Mexican Grill is one of five locations in San Antonio and only about two miles from the campground.

After sitting down and looking around to notice that about 90% of the customers were Hispanic, I knew we were in the right place.  The waitress came promptly for our orders and the food came out quickly as well.  

Bev had the Heuvos Nortenos plate ($5.99) of beef steak, special salsa, eggs, beans, potatoes, and tortillas.

The meat looked like pieces of shoe leather but it was tender, nicely seasoned, and delicious.

Pat went with three bacon and egg soft tacos ($2.50).  Hers was just a Mexican bacon and egg sandwich so not much unique to it.

I had been wanting chorizo so I had the egg and chorizo plate ($4.55) with beans, potatoes, and tortillas

I thought mine was very good and more than enough food – took some home.  Both Bev and I enjoyed the beans and potatoes which were also nicely seasoned.  I tried both the green and red homemade sauces sitting on the table and liked each of them but the red one was plenty hot.  I’m no expert and I have to believe there is some better Tex-Mex food around SA, but I cannot imagine there is a better value as all of our food and two drinks was just under $18 (compared with $45 per person at the Brazilian steak house and I liked the Tex-Mex better).

Later in the day, we went to Kathy’s to hang out and watch a little pro football then we went out to dinner at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant a local chain in the SA area.

I think everyone enjoyed their meals but I ended up with the wrong meal.  I ordered the chicken fried steak but what I meant to order was the Chicken Fried Steak Ranchero - I didn't realize the one I got was on the menu as well.  

Since SA claims to be the home of Tex Mex, we need to try several places while here and then the similar southwestern cuisine in Las Cruces, NM and Tucson, Az.

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1/19-1/20/19 event dates


  1. I think you will find the best Tex-Mex food while in Texas at individually owned restaurants. At least that was the case when I used to live in Texas. One thing for sure, you certainly got your money's worth on your breakfast.

  2. Larry, I would have enjoyed either Bev's breakfast or yours! More Hispanics in SA than non-Hispanic whites. Apparently ya'll never get tired of Mexican or Tex/Mex food! Old Town Las Cruces NM has a couple of very authentic joints...or at least it used to. Happy Trails! FYI, we have a servious squirrel least 5 babies (almost grown) and a couple of adults. We can hear them scampering everywhere above us in the house. Varmint Busters is coming Tuesday... Not the kind of excitement we needed! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave & Laurie

  3. If you're still there, see if the light show is running at the cathedral in downtown SA. If it isn't too cold, it's worth sitting around outside for an hour to see it. We found plenty of good local food joints in SA, and had a very nice visit in October.

  4. Sunday...... what time zone are you in?

  5. Signor Larry......................Riverwalk????KOA near SeaWorld..............HRB

  6. I'm jealous of all the Tex-Mex you're trying. Fun.

  7. I could eat Mexican food everyday - it all looks tasty. What great prices at the breakfast spot!


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