Sunday, January 20, 2019

Southwestern RV Trip – Days 4&5 - Beaumont & Galveston

After our down day in Natchez, we headed further south to Beaumont, TX by driving US-84, LA-28, I-49, US-165, and I-10.  The roads were all good except US-84 which was concrete or paved-over concrete with bumpy joints.

After the 230 mile drive we got to Gulf Coast RV Resort about 3pm but I would call it a nice RV Park rather than a resort.  The park is very convenient to I-10 and a few miles south of downtown.  Check-in went fine and we easily made our way to our long pull-thru site #79. 

We used none of the amenities except the continental breakfast that was included in the price.  I never could get signed on to the WiFi so don’t know how well it worked.

The day before, I had been looking on Trip Advisor for a Beaumont restaurant that sounded  good enough that it would be worth disconnecting the car to go eat at.  Willy Burger was located about 10 minutes away and in an older part of town.  Their claim to fame is burgers and onion rings which are two of Bev’s favorites, so off we went.  They grind their meat daily and the burgers are obviously hand pattied.     

Upon entering you place your order then pick it up when your number is called.  Bev had the Hee Haw Burger ($7.99) which included pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, bacon, lettuce, tomato , and pepper jelly.

Pat’s Uncle Charlie Burger ($7.99) had bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce, and cheese.

I had the Tuna (steak not ground) Burger ($8.99), grilled med-rare topped with Asian Slaw and ginger wasabi mayo.

I thought mine was very good including the very crispy onion rings and the girls enjoyed their burgers but Bev said she would rather have had a regular cheese burger.  I would go back again if in the area.

On Monday morning, we got ready at a leisurely pace for the 120 mile drive-and-ferry to Galveston.  We drove I-20, TX-124, and TX-87 and the roads were all good except there was plenty of construction going on.  We got to the ferry dock just as one was arriving so we had very little wait before boarding.  The Galveston-Port Bolivar ferry runs continuously between the city and the Bolivar Peninsula and the 2.7 mile crossing is at no cost. 

The piece of water we crossed is very busy as all ships heading to Houston must go through it as these two were making their way.

Here we come into the Galveston terminal and the Dewitt Greer is loaded and ready to depart.

About a five minute drive from the ferry, we pulled into the Sandpiper RV Resort at 12:30 and had to wait until 1pm for our check in time. We were assigned site no. 5 ($45/night) which is a back in with plenty of room – more about the resort later.

After we got set up and piddled a while, we decided it was time for an early supper as we ate no lunch.  Our first few restaurant choices were closed on Mondays, so we selected Miller’s Seawall Grill which had 4½ stars on Trip Advisor.  

We were seated immediately in the nearly empty dining room (it was only 4pm) and were soon approached by our very friendly and effective server. 

Here's a shot out the window and you can just see the ships waiting their turn to head up the Houston Ship Channel.

Bev and Pat both selected the chicken fried steak ($9.69) with onion rings and gravy on the side. 

The meat and onion rings had the same batter (similar to tempura) and both were deep fried and very crispy and they both enjoyed their meals.

I opted for the Shrimp and Gouda Grits with sautéed mushrooms and onions.

I thought mine was delicious and will add the onions and mushrooms when I make them at home – I still have several packages of grits to use up.  By the time we left, the restaurant was getting pretty full and I would eat there again.  Pat bought a slice (big chunk) of Italian Cream Cake to go and we ate on it later in the evening.

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  1. Nice to be exploring these areas and enjoy some tasty food. Keep travelling safely enjoying the journey.

  2. Our retirement is two years away. I can't wait, because I want to do some road trips! Are you ever going to visit my corner of the world on the Central Coast of California? It's so beautiful here!

  3. Boy you guys eat well! My husband would do a U-turn in the middle of the road to visit that hamburger joint. What a burger! Love those Gouda grits too :)

  4. Hi, I enjoy following you all on your RV trips. You are in another of 'my' areas.. I lived in Clear Lake (near Houston) for 12 years --so I had many visits back and forth across the ferry---and of course, enjoying the beach and eating in Galveston. Hope you enjoyed it all!!!!

    That burger with the pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes made my mouth water. YUM.


  5. Larry, I would have been torn over the first restaurant's food choices. Love a good bacon and cheese burger but how often can you find a tuna sandwich, especially at that price! Your choice of ferry vs. bridge to access Galveston Island...what a great option. Right up my alley plus you avoided the awful traffic around Houston! Love ferry rides and ship so this would have been perfect! Top everything off with a chicken fried steak. Yes indeed! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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